Benedict Cumberbatch has supported the idea to make a film about superheroes-women

Benedict Cumberbatch, beloved by audiences for her role of Dr. Strange, endorsed the idea of making a film exclusively about women superheroes from the Marvel universe. The project will not involve any man-actor.

Бенедикт Камбербэтч поддержал идею снять фильм про супергероев-женщин

“Sure, why not. Today women with superpowers has become much more so, I think it is time to devote to them a separate picture. It’s great,” — said Cumberbatch.

Elizabeth Olsen, who played Scarlet witch, believes that comic books interesting to boys and girls. A film in which the main plot is given to the female characters, might have on the film industry a big impact.
Captain Marvel brie Larson said that many actors and Directors keen on this idea, the Black widow Scarlett Johansson considers that the project is “bomb” and persuades the leadership of the Studio soon to start shooting. Of the support of colleagues and the Valkyrie Tessa Thompson.