Beresford Salt Marshes


The Chaleur region of New Brunswick is famous for its beaches and the warmth of its waters. Its mosaic of villages and golden sand beaches along the fabulous Chaleur Bay, makes it a popular destination for summer vacationers. A road trip in autumn mode offers a different perspective. I know the surroundings well. In my opinion, Petit-Rocher is one of the essential stops. The many colorful cabins in the colors of Acadia are sure to take beautiful photos. 

Not far away, on the road is the famous Pokeshaw rock… A kind of big monolith gradually devoured by the moods of the sea. The fuel gauge indicates a very low level, and I have to make an unscheduled stop. I then leave provincial road 11 for road 134. A more panoramic route for people who are not in too much of a hurry. Beresford is a refueling stop. I take food on the way, I decide according to my habits to get as close as possible to the bay. It was by pure chance that I discovered the splendid landscapes of the salt marshes of this sector. A magnificent footbridge spans part of the basins where the vegetation begins to put on its autumn coat. This is a breathtaking place to enjoy a late breakfast! 

Device: DJI Mavic Pro 2

Purpose: 28mm

Exposure: 1/1000s at F/2.8

ISO: 100