Berlusconi hospitalized after fall (PHOTO)

Берлускони госпитализирован после падения (ФОТО)

The leader of the Italian party “Forward, Italy” 83-year-old Silvio Berlusconi was hospitalized in Milan. This happened after he fell in Zagreb, where he was to participate in the Congress and the summit of the European people’s party (EPP), and was injured, reports TASS with reference to the newspaper Corrierre della sera.

According to the newspaper, Berlusconi after the completion of the events were in the crowd wanting to take pictures with him, where he was injured, but medical help, he asked only for the return to Italy. It is noted that the drop in Berlusconi got a bruise and a hematoma, with no serious injuries had not.

“No fractures of the femur, clavicle, tibia and other bones. There was no immediate return, the leader came back as planned at the end of the EPP Congress,” – said at the headquarters of Berlusconi.

The publication notes that politician a couple of days spend in the hospital under medical supervision.