Berlusconi was hospitalized after a failed attempt to take a selfie

Берлускони попал в больницу после неудачной попытки сделать селфи

On Friday, November 22, it became known that former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared in a Milan hospital. This was reported by the newspaper La Repubblica. 83-year-old politician is in the clinic La Madonina after a bad fall.

The incident, as it turned out, happened yesterday in the capital of Croatia. Berlusconi visited Zagreb as the leader of the party “Forward, Italy!”. He took part in the summit of the European people’s party (EPP). Shortly before the close of the event, he decided to take a selfie with other politicians and fell.

Berlusconi feared that got broken, but still waited for the completion of the summit and said goodbye to everyone. Then his plane hastily brought to Milan. There our doctors undertook the necessary examination and told the former Prime Minister. He was diagnosed with just a bruise. Most likely on Monday he’ll be discharged.

On the afternoon of 22 November, the clinic arrived the Berlusconi’s daughter from his first marriage Marina. She stayed with the father until 18:30. At the exit she was met by reporters. 53-year-old Marina did not answer their questions, and only on the move dropped: “he’s all right.”

It is known that near Berlusconi is his fiancée Francesca Pascale. She is 34 years old. Their relationship began seven years ago. Silvio and Francesca were going to get married in 2014, but the wedding never took place, that does not prevent them to continue to live together. Francesca — a native of Naples.

Representatives of the party “Forward, Italy!”, commenting on media reports about the hospitalization of Berlusconi, strongly emphasize that nothing terrible happened. “No cracks, no fractures, no dislocations, no stretching. No hasty return to Milan. The truth is that this is the most trivial injury. The case when the fluttering of a butterfly in China causes a hurricane in Texas,” La Repubblica quotes the words of one of the party associates of Berlusconi.

Former Prime Minister of Italy despite his age is still active in political life. Recently, Berlusconi personally visited Venice to see the damage caused to the city by unprecedented flooding.

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