Best Breakfast for diabetics

Type II diabetes is a very serious disorder, affecting the blood sugar levels. The victims of diabetes is extremely important to come to their own nutrition, and the Breakfast selection is crucial.

Лучшие виды завтрака для диабетиков

If you have type II diabetes, then some tight restrictions and contraindications for nutrition no. But there are dishes to avoid or reduce their use to a minimum. For example, those that contain a lot of sugar, fat and salt. In General, people with diabetes better stick to the maximum of diversity in the diet, but the choice to do it more often in favor of those products, after the use of which is not observed outbreaks of blood sugar levels. This is especially true of the first or morning meal.

Healthy Breakfast for diabetic patients should contain a lot of fiber and cereals with low sugar content. A great choice can be oatmeal, which add unsalted nuts and fruits like berries and bananas. Make a choice in favor of whole grain bread which is useful for strengthening the digestive system. Avoid sweet juices and smoothies, prepare your own drinks.

There is nothing wrong with that, if you love coffee, but don’t add too much sugar or syrup. Mashed banana on toast is a much more proper choice than a sandwich with jam or spread with butter and sugar. Scrambled eggs on a slice of toast also seems a good choice. Avoid pastries and croissants, as you can use them to indulge only in exceptional cases like holidays. Add more fruits and vegetables in order to increase the level of dietary fiber in the diet and prolong the feeling of satiety. Great for diabetics berries, dried fruit, bananas or tomatoes on the grill. Not terrible, and if from time to time you’ll eat one sausage or bacon, but use the grill instead of frying in order to remove excess amount of fat.