Best teas from joint pain

The joints are called sections that are fastened together bones. It is the joints help us to move, but pain in these body parts bring very severe suffering.

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Nettle tea. Has anti-inflammatory effects, have long been used in folk medicine of several countries to combat a sore hip. Especially nice to know that nettle is one of the most common plants in our country, which grows almost in all areas except for permafrost.

Tea made from willow bark. A recent research by English scientists has been proven that tea-based willow bark can be used for medicinal purposes by patients with diseased joints, Especially if the pain is in the area of the neck, hips, knees and back.

Tea from rose petals. This herbal tea is full of anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce the level of pain caused by arthritis. Again, the problems with purchasing this tea or independent from manufacturing on the basis of rose petals should arise.

Ginger tea. Numerous studies have concluded that the use of ginger tea daily helps to get rid of joint pain.