Betrayed by his pendant: the “King of Xanax trafficking” will ask to be released

Betrayed by his pendant: the “Xanax Traffic King” will demand to’ be released


The Montrealer who faces extradition to the United States where he is considered a mega Xanax trafficker on the dark web will try to be released pending further proceedings.&nbsp ;

“We will do [to the Federal Crown] a portrait of Alexandre Beaudry for his release, otherwise a request will be ready within two weeks,” said Me Debora de Thomasis, this Friday at the Montreal courthouse.

As reported by Le Journalyesterday Beaudry, 30, was arrested at his home last week following an extensive investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA]. He now faces extradition to stand trial in Connecticut, which accuses him of being a mega-trafficker of counterfeit Xanax in the United States.

Hundreds of millions of dollars

From March 2015 to July 2017, the Montrealer would have pocketed 6100 bitcoins only using the aliases AlpraKing, Quantik, and BenzoChems. At current prices, that's a colossal sum of over $161 million. 

Other computer analyzes indicate that in total, he would have amassed up to 18,000 bitcoins through 22,000 transactions.

In a publication on the Reddit site, which the American authorities attribute to Alexandre Beaudry, the latter had even boasted of being “responsible for the Xanax epidemic in America”.

On the Reddit platform, Alexandre Beaudry would have boasted of being a prolific trafficker by publishing these photos.

Betrayed by his necklace

But if the American authorities had their eye on Beaudry, they were missing a piece of the puzzle in order to be able to put him in the collar. However, it was found last May, after Beaudry was the victim of a home invasion at his luxurious condo in L'Île-des-Sœurs.

At that time, two men had broken into his home in order to obtain the password to a cryptocurrency wallet containing tens of millions of dollars. However, on examining the scene, the police found a pendant which made it possible to identify him.

“The pendant showed a symbol used by the alias AlpraKing in photos used to display the drugs sold on the dark web”, say the American authorities in the extradition request for Alexandre Beaudry.

Conditions of detention

Arrested last week, Beaudry is currently detained at the Rivière-des-Prairies institution. And since then, he seems to have difficulty getting his medication.

“He told me that he was not receiving them all, explained Me Claude Boucher. We manage to talk to him, but we are unable to meet him.”

Beaudry also had difficulty obtaining the evidence against him, added the experienced criminal lawyer.< /p>

Faced with this situation, Judge Éliane Perreault wanted to ensure that Beaudry could meet with his two lawyers, in order to be able to prepare the rest of the legal process, which will involve a request for release. US prosecutors fear that the accused will flee, because of the fortune he has amassed in bitcoins.

Beaudry will return to court in two weeks.

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