Between Emma Watson and Tom Felton during the filming of “Harry Potter” ran “spark”

Oh that could be. Rupert Grint recalls those glorious days of filming the “Harry Potter” and made the surprising discovery that he saw the “spark” between colleagues Emma Watson and Tom Felton.

Между Эммой Уотсон и Томом Фелтоном во время съемок «Гарри Поттера» пробежала «искра»

Now it would be one of the most ambitious novels for celebrities of our time. According to Rupert of Grinta, between his colleagues on the film “Harry Potter” Emma Watson, 29, and Tom Felton, 32, was “sparks”. Star has gained popularity playing Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, according to Repeta obviously liked each other.
Rupert says he didn’t want to say anything at the time because they spent many years together on set, although he really wouldn’t mind their romance. Unfortunately, they were too young to really do something. “They were children. It was more like baby love, the game,” he added.
Emma was only 10 years old when she first starred in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone” in 2001, and she was 20 years old when was released the last 2011 film in the Saga “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, part 2. That was 13 years in the first “Harry Potter”, so they literally grew up together on the set.

However, there may still be, because of Emma and Tom is alone. She recently gave an interview to the British edition of Vogue for their December issue. She said: “I could never trust someone completely. I’m incredibly glad that I’m alone. To understand this it took me a long time. I call it a partnership with myself”. Tom obviously liked that Emma and now uses it for himself. He told the Daily Mail: “I am comfortable to be alone! When I first time heard it from Emma, I thought to myself, how great it is. Frankly, I am of the same opinion, fortunately, are a partner himself.”
It was rumored that Emma and Tom were still engaged in a romantic relationship, after he 19 Aug published in Instagram picture, showing that he is teaching Emma to play the guitar. The fans really wanted and hoped this novel, but it’s just long-standing friendship. They appeared in photos together before, once in November 2018 Emma posted a photo where they are together laughing on the beach. On calls him his “dear friend” and congratulated him on his part in the new series. And once she even shared a cute video where they were riding on a skateboard.
Though it’s just friendship, we can still hope that someday it will be something big!