Between Ukraine and Georgia broke diplomatic scandal because of Saakashvili

Georgia recalls its Ambassador in Kiev for consultations in connection with the appointment of former President Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of head of the Executive Committee of reforms under the President of Ukraine, reports the BBC.

Между Украиной и Грузией разгорелся дипломатический скандал из-за Саакашвили

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This is reported by Georgian media, citing the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia David Zalkaliani.

“It is a usual practice in diplomatic relations, which indicates certain problems in the bilateral relations, therefore, to determine future steps necessary to consult with the Ambassador,” — said Zalkaliani.

Thus, according to the Georgian edition of Imedinews, the Minister noted that despite this decision of the Ukrainian side, “Georgia does not consider the severance of diplomatic relations or the revision of the strategic partnership.” “But the appointment of the person convicted and the one that is wanted by the Georgian judiciary, raises questions”, — said the head of the Georgian foreign Ministry.

However, he noted that Saakashvili has appointed to the government, and the Advisory Agency.

“Decreasing the level of the post proposed by Saakashvili and his appointment as the head of the Executive Committee of reforms shows the skeptical attitude of Ukrainian politicians, including the parliamentary majority, to this person,” — said Zalkaliani.

The Embassy of Georgia in Ukraine from the comments so far refused. They reported that at the moment to comment on the situation only empowered the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia.

Recalling the Ambassador for consultations was not a surprise: this move by the Georgian side in case of the appointment of Saakashvili predicted the number of officials who reminded the public that in Georgia there is a court decision in the case of Saakashvili and the country could perceive this decision as disrespectful.

So, the Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine Teimuraz Sharashenidze said that the appointment of Saakashvili as a Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine on reform are likely to be perceived in Tbilisi as unfriendly and unacceptable from the strategic partner the step.

We will remind, in January 2018 court of Georgia sentenced Mihail Saakashvili to 3 years in prison on charges of abuse of power.

Saakashvili tried the so-called “case of Sandro Girgvliani” — the case of early clemency to the President of Georgia detained four police officers convicted of killing Bank employee Girgvliani.

According to the investigation, Saakashvili illegally promised to the then head of the constitutional security Department Date Akhalaia that pardoned convicted of the murder of Sandro Girgvliani. And then to bypass the Board of pardons has pardoned the Geronty Alania, Michael Bibiluridze, Avtandil Aptsiauri, Alexander and Gachava, creating legal leverage to parole prisoners.

What is the position of Saakashvili received

A few weeks of talks that Saakashvili can appoint as Deputy Prime Minister for reform. The politician held a number of meetings with the factions of the “servant of the people” and “the Voice”, but his candidacy did not gain enough votes from MPs.

Saakashvili was appointed head of the Executive Committee of reform, which is part of the National Council of reforms under the President of Ukraine. The corresponding decree was signed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on may 7, reported on the official website of the President.

The Executive Committee of reforms is a subsidiary body under the President of Ukraine, whose main task is to prepare proposals for strategic planning reforms, their consistent implementation and monitoring of implementation of reforms.

This authority is to promote reform was created by the ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2014 and since the election Zelensky he never was going to work.

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