Beware: how scammers are cashing in on the panic due to coronavirus

Criminals never miss a serious crisis. Chinese coronavirus, causing the disease known as COVID-19, is a great opportunity for them. Because it can induce normally rational people to “remain vigilant” and to succumb to the tricks of fraudsters, according to Fox News.

Будьте осторожны: как мошенники наживаются на панике из-за коронавируса

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Here are the three most common method of fraud in this area.

The secret service warned Americans about the “phishing” widespread fraud, when email messages supposedly from a reputable company. For example, such as a major Bank, to force victims to send confidential personal information (user names, passwords, and credit card data).

The secret service reported that cybercriminals are using the crisis in health care and sent emails under the guise of healthcare companies or organizations.

In one case, victims have received e-mails from fake medical organization with attachments, which allegedly contained important information about COVID-19.

“This leads either to the fact that the unsuspecting victim opens the attachment, causing the malware infects their computer, or to the fact that the victim enters their credentials to log in, and steal them”, — said the representative of the Secret service.

One such Scam was revealed in February. In this case, the email subject of the coronavirus was claimed that it was sent by the world health organization (who).

“Hackers and cybercriminals quickly took advantage of the outbreak of coronavirus. This happens whenever there is a crisis in public health or disaster in which people are desperately trying to find more information and contribute to help the victims,” — said in February, Paul Bischoff, a privacy advocate in Comparitech.

“Fake e-mails from the who follow a standard formula of phishing attacks”, he added.

Another scheme, disclosed the Secret service use social media to deceive the victims, asking for donations for a fictitious charity.

The third type of fraud to which you should pay attention to is “fraud delivery”. Fraudsters is presented as the representatives of the companies that sell the drugs which can protect against infection with a coronavirus. Criminals will require prepayment for shipping and drugs, but in the end the buyer will not receive any goods.

This week, the Federal trade Commission and the Administration for control over food and drug administration jointly sent warning letters to seven sellers of unapproved and mislabelled products that claim that they cure or prevent infection with coronavirus.

Products include tea, essential oils and colloidal silver.

“The companies there is no evidence to support his words, as required by law,” — reads the statement of the Federal trade Commission. The administration on control over products added that currently there are no approved vaccines, drugs or products for the treatment of diseases caused by Chinese coronavirus, or its prevention.

Here are the seven companies that were sent warning letters: Vital Silver Aromatherapy Ltd., N-ergetics, GuruNanda LLC, Vivify Holistic Clinic, Herbal Amy LLC and The Jim Bakker Show.






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