Beware of viruses!

Beware of the virus!


My neighbor has caught the virus.

Solidly, too. 

However, he had done everything to protect himself.< /p>

Master's degree in pure sciences, MBA at HEC, big job in the financial world.

Antibodies, do you want them, here you go!

He caught it the same. 


It's unclear how he got it.

Maybe it was the coffee he went to the corner of UQÀM, two weeks ago.

Or his girlfriend, who had a contract at Radio-Canada.

Over there, things are falling like flies . Especially in discrimination awareness training which, it seems, are real sources of infection…

He still got it.

At first, the symptoms were mild.

He subscribed to Devoir, spoke passionately about the links between the oppression of women and climate change.

It was bizarre, but not overly disturbing…

But there, the better you are, the more you feel that the disease is wreaking havoc. 

The other day, while he was having supper with us, he had a fit because he saw a poster of a Picasso exhibition in our living room.  

“But how can you celebrate such a monster? This finished macho has spent his life destroying the women around him and looting the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples!

— Er… Yes, he was inspired by the masks created by the Oceanian and African peoples, but he never hid it, he paid homage to them whenever he could and he participated in making their genius known to the whole world!

— No, it is a thief, a proud representative of the racist and colonialist patriarchy! »

It threw a chill, let's say.

Especially since that night, we had prepared Indian food…

Beware of the virus!

Beware of the virus!


Yesterday, I spoke to his girlfriend. Apparently his condition has worsened.

He shivers, talks about his daughter by saying “iel” and affirms that there are no more men or women, only individuals with things between their legs.

He even started to speak in English under the pretext that French is a language of the colonizers…

In short, things are not going well.

All this because of a strange virus that appeared in certain Parisian universities in the early 1960s, and which carried over to American campuses on the West Coast when infected French intellectuals went to teach at Stanford and Berkeley. 

We said to ourselves: “Well, it only affects a few Californian universities, no need to panic…”

But we underestimated the links that intellectuals maintain with the cultural institutions of their countries.  

What started out as a flash in the pan has become a real fire that threatens our museums, our libraries, our television broadcasters, our schools…

What do you want, we allowed lecturers carrying the virus to walk from one university to another!

And the graduates who were infected at the university are now journalists, program directors, museologists!

Our only hope now is that we all catch it and get to the bottom of our delirium. 

Who knows? Then maybe we'll all come to our senses.

Like after a big fever…

Watch out for the virus!