Biathlete tarjei boe has accused his brother in his loss in the sprint at the world Cup

Биатлонист Тарьей Бё обвинил родного брата в своем проигрыше в спринте на этапе Кубка мира

Tarja (left) and Johannes boe

Norwegian biathlete tarjei boe suggested that Germany’s Benedikt doll, who won yesterday’s sprint at the world Cup stage in Annecy, did everything to take revenge on the team of Norway in the relay in Hochfilzen.

We will remind, on the Austrian stage, the younger brother of Tarija – Johannes boe has managed to regain the lead and finish ahead of the Doll, bringing victory to the Norwegian team.

“I regret it now. It was revenge benny. Blame my brother. Because of him, benny began to attack in the sprint” – quoted by BAA Sr.

Doll won the sprint in Annecy, tarjei boe took the second place. Third went to France’s Quentin Fillon maillet. Johannes boe became the fourth.

Note, in exactly one hour starts the women’s sprint race on 7,5 km with two firing lines.

Our team present:

  • 2 (will start) Vita Semerenko
  • 12. Valya Semerenko
  • 39. Olena Pidhrushna
  • 58. Julia Jim
  • 86. Darya Blashko