Biden is ahead of trump in the polls, to win the presidential election he needs the support of Obama

44th President Barack Obama can play an important role in the US presidential election in 2020. This draws the attention of numerous observers, commenting on the withdrawal from the election race, democratic Senator Bernie Sanders and apparently bezalternativno ex-Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden on the role of the candidate of the Democratic party. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Байден опережает Трампа в опросах: для победы на президентских выборах ему нужна поддержка Обамы

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On the eve of a President Donald trump said that the lack of official support for the candidacy of Biden, Obama may indicate that the latter “knows what you know not.”

“I think I know what it is, but you don’t know,” said trump.

Comments by the President of the United States further emphasize the weight is extremely popular among supporters of the Democratic party Barack Obama. His popularity is underscored by the survey, which showed that a significant portion of Americans believe that Obama would do a better job of overcoming the pandemic coronavirus than trump. It is noteworthy that in the same poll revealed that Americans believe that ex-Vice-President Biden was you hugim leader during a pandemic than the current President.

Now numerous commentators share their thoughts about the role the former President could play in the elections, and the importance of its support for the victory of Joe Biden.

“Obama is free to officially support the candidacy of Joe Biden, but this is clearly orchestrated,” writes CNN journalist Dan Merrick.

“Democrats optimistic on the accession of Obama to the election campaign,” writes the Hill. The material of the publication are the views of many democratic politicians, who claim that the former President is preparing to officially support Biden. There is also the fact that in 2016 the active speech of Barack Obama in support of Hillary Clinton help her to win the Donald trump.

Commentators in the US say that the chances of Biden to win to a greater extent may depend on ability to convince supporters of Bernie Sanders to support him in the confrontation with trump. Criticism of Biden indicates that he and his program is far from the ideals that inspire the progressive part of the electorate.

“Supporters of Sanders support him through his proposed political program. It’s very simple — our priority are: total available medical insurance, free higher education, end the wars, support the development of green economy, criminal justice reform. History of Biden-the policy indicates that none of these items will not be his priority. Wake up. He’s not our friend, ” wrote Kyle Kulinsky, popular political commentator and activist.

The media also talk about the efforts aimed at, to include provisions that support the supporters of Sanders, in the program of Joe Biden.

“With the retirement of Sanders, progressive groups are focusing efforts on how to force Biden to take on specific political commitments and, more importantly, to change attitudes towards a more liberal,” writes the publication the Intercept.

However, at this moment, the Biden — without official support from Obama and the changes advocated by supporters of Sanders is ahead of trump by results of sociological research. So, according to the survey among registered voters, former Vice-President of the United States received the support of 53% and the tramp — 42%.

Another poll gives Biden only 4% advantage over trump.



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