Biden stating about the sighting of Ukraine's weapons and ammunition for another billion dollars

Biden said he saw Ukraine dropping ammunition on the million dollar> mountains FACTS» </p>
<p> On Wednesday, 15 June, <strong>U.S. President Joe Biden</strong> announced about the introduction of a new aid package for Ukraine. Go about discharging that ammunition for $1 billion and $225 million for humanitarian needs.</p>
<p> The last text of President Biden's statement:</p>
<p> <em>«Today's lie I revealed by President Zelensky. Mi discussed the zhorstoku war, how rose's Russia. І tsya war continues. I sing again that the United States is loudly supporting Ukraine, the shards of it are defending democracy. Mi immo sovereignty and territorial integrity before nothing provoked by Russian aggression.</em></p>
<p> <em>Я поінформував президента Зеленського, що Сполучені Штати виділяють ще один мільярд доларів на безпеку України, зокрема додаткову артилерію та протикорабельні ракети, а також артилерійські боєприпаси та ракетні системи, які необхідні Україні для забезпечення оборонних операцій на Донбасі. We also discussed the US Minister of Defense Austin with Brussels about coordinating additional international assistance to the defense forces of Ukraine.</em></p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

Mi  Today, I am deaf about seeing donations of 225 million dollars for humanitarian aid, supply of safe drinking water, medical possessions and liquors, food, timely living and financial aid p> The masculinity, stamina and rіnbsp;rіshіchіst of the ukrainian people continues the whole world. І Obtained by the States, together from our allies and partners, are not respected by our supporters of Ukrainians in their struggle for freedom".

Earlier "FACTS" we talked about the “Ramstein 3” summit held near Brussels on the 15th for the participation of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and representatives in mayzhe 50 countries, to give military assistance to Ukraine.


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Google News Biden said he saw Ukraine's missiles and ammo  ;a billion dollars Biden said he saw Ukraine dropping ammunition  dollars