Biden supported the impeachment of trump. And trump made fun of Biden on Twitter (PHOTO)

Байден поддержал процедуру импичмента Трампа. А Трамп высмеял Байдена в Twitter (ФОТО)

Former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden, who is the most likely rival of the current U.S. President Donald trump on the upcoming 2020 presidential election, supported the launch of the impeachment trump.

“Donald trump has violated his oath, betrayed the nation and has committed acts resulting in an impeachment. You know what I mean – on the preservation of the Constitution, our democracy. Our basic values. It needs to be subjected to impeach,” said Biden, the investigation in respect of which it requires to hold the trump.

As pointed out by CNN, broadcasting Biden’s speech in Rochester (new Hampshire), ex-Vice-President for the first time publicly expressed support for the impeachment of the current us leader since its launch.

“Through his words and actions trump the President himself was charged with obstruction of justice by refusing to comply with the requirements of Congress. He had already rendered a verdict on the eyes of the world and the American people,” Biden said.

Trump, in turn, ridiculed Biden, who called to impeach him. In his Twitter the President of the United States wrote that didn’t do anything wrong and believes Biden’s remarks are pathetic. “The disastrous campaign Joe didn’t give him a choice,” said trump.

“What a pitiful sight! Sleepy Joe Biden, who with his son hunter at the expense of the American taxpayer was robbed at least two countries for millions of dollars and calls for impeachment hearings. And I’ve done nothing wrong,” wrote trump. According to him, Biden had no choice because his efforts to electing the President fail.

The scandal that caused the impeachment, broke out in the United States after the July telephone conversation trump with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Allegedly, trump during the call tried to convince Zelensky start the investigation of activities in Ukraine, the son of Joe Biden hunter in exchange for the provision of financial and military assistance to Kiev.

Later, the President of the United States openly urged Ukraine and China to conduct a full investigation of the son of his opponent in the upcoming presidential election. Ignoring the beginning of procedure of impeachment, the US President decided to make this thing “official”. October 3, speaking to reporters on the South lawn of the White house, he made it clear that Ukraine and China have not been completely honest, otherwise they would have launched “a serious investigation for both Biden”.

Hunter Biden has joined the Board of Directors of Ukrainian gas company Burisma. And his father, Vice President Joseph Biden, was in charge of U.S.-Ukrainian relations.

The situation around Burisma Group was in the spotlight after a telephone conversation of the presidents of the USA and Ukraine Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky, which an unnamed us intelligence official complained to the management. Was published the transcript of a telephone conversation, and then the complaint itself. The transcript confirmed that the trump was asked Zelensky to investigate the circumstances of the dismissal of former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin, investigate the activities of Burisma Group and the work of hunter Biden.

Amid this scandal the attention of the American media have again brought the trip Biden in December 2013 in China. It was suggested that the Vice President’s son used his official visit to personal business interests.