Bike sharing: six times more trips in Quebec in 2022

Bike sharing: six times more trips in Quebec in 2022


The bike-sharing offer has exploded in Quebec in 2022, with four times more bikes available and stations. Demand followed with more than 185,000 trips, six times more than the previous year.  

The Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC), which unveiled the results of the second season of its electric-assisted bike-sharing service àVélo, on Wednesday, is pleased with these more than convincing results.  

In total, more than 13 800 different customers (compared to 5,000 last year) used the 400 or so bikes made available to them across the city. Their number is expected to increase in the coming years.  

“The success of àVélo’s second season confirms that this new mode of transportation meets a real need for citizens, many of whom have taken advantage of its flexibility in recent months. The service will continue to be developed and improved in the coming years,” said RTC President Maude Mercier Larouche.  

Nearly 84% of trips were made by monthly or annual subscribers, according to the press release released on Wednesday. They made an average of two trips per week.  

Very popular during the FEQ 

It was in July that the service reached its peak of popularity, during the Summer Festival of Quebec, notes the RTC. The station located at the corner of 3e Avenue and 7e Rue in Limoilou was the busiest, followed by the Place Jacques-Cartier station and the station near Cartier Avenue.  

In 2023, the RTC already plans to improve the current offer with the addition of 30 stations. Their location will be revealed at a later date.