Biker dog wearing glasses and drove his motorcycle

Байкер надел на песика очки и прокатил его на мотоцикле

When watching this movie it’s hard to tell who is more effervescent and cool, brutal, covered in tattoos and biker gear, biker or dog, though not as textured as his master, but also exuding confidence and strength.

Write about the media.

At first, the dog in the video did not see, so conspicuous figure of the rider in the eerie, stylized skull of some Hollywood Thriller, the helmet. And only when hitting the camera becomes visible chest carrier-sling, which houses four-legged friend is a biker, whether a small dog, large puppy.

The dog is not confused by the sight of strangers and are not afraid of the roar of the engines. She looks at the world through a tiny sunglasses, patiently waiting for the red light on the traffic light changes to green, and her ears seem to booming AC/DC or Motorhead or Wagner’s “ride of the Valkyries”.