Billionaire for a day: the Bank accidentally put into the account of a woman from Texas $37 million

Failed Bank did Texas woman a millionaire one day. This writes DailyMail.

Мультимиллионер на день: банк случайно положил на счет женщины из Техаса $37 млн

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35-year-old resident of Dallas, Ruth the Cylinder checked my Bank account this week and found an additional amount : additional $ 37 million, to be exact.

Ballon, mother of two, wanted to believe that “someone really gave this $ 37 million”, but she knew it was too good to be true.

“On Tuesday evening I checked my account to see the balance. Included in the app and noticed $ 37 million, she said. I wanted to contact the Bank, but the chat on that day was already closed, so sent it to my husband and asked why our Bank account is $ 37 million!”

“I said, “Wow, we have a lot of money!” — does not hide admiration for the woman.

Then Tank decided to call my 39-year-old husband Brian, who initially thought it was some kind of Scam.

In the end he got in touch with LegacyTexas, who told the pair that the extra money was not a Christmas miracle, but a simple mistake that occurred due to the fact that the cashier entered a number in box for the sum.

The Bank apologized and took the money back.

“I was hoping that someone actually gave us this $ 37 million — said Cylinder. — I was a millionaire, I have a screenshot so I can prove it. This is a true story!”

The container says that she even had time to think about what she was going to do with the money.

“At first I was going to donate some money and then I invested in real estate. Even if the amount was a real translation, I know that money does not belong to us. I would not be able to spend money that does not belong to us. I dreamed about what I would do with them if I had them”, she said.

The Bank said that even if the Container has detected an error, she eventually would have been discovered and corrected by the Bank.

“They apologized and my husband asked the Bank Manager to send the explanation in writing, but they certainly are acting as if it was not a big problem, just a technical mistake, — said Cylinder. — I believe that they should invest a little more in your security system! You cannot transfer such a large sum without any warning.”

The Bank said that “manual input error” led to a huge temporary emergency risk. The container assumes that the error seems to have occurred because of the currency that it is traded last week.

“On Tuesday, December 10, our client made a Deposit in a foreign currency on your account at LegacyTexas. Due to fluctuations in exchange rates all transactions in foreign currency must be entered manually into our system via our back office. When introduced Deposit our customer, our representative mistakenly entered an account number in the amount field, — stated in the message Bank. Although our client has drawn our attention to an error and the transaction was immediately cancelled, except for the amount of its initial Deposit, it would have been detected and corrected during our evening processing. Rest assured, our systems are OK, and this error of manual entry would be eliminated in any case.”