Billionaire Kolomoisky decided to reconcile Ukraine and Russia to find 100 billion dollars ‘reforms’ (PHOTO)

Миллиардер Коломойский решил примирить Украину с Россией, чтобы найти 100 млрд долларов 'на реформы' (ФОТО)

The Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky, who has acquired a special political clout after the election of President Vladimir Zelensky, offered the country’s authorities to “break” the vector of foreign policy and come to terms with Russia. In this case, says the billionaire, Kiev will receive from Moscow $ 100 billion, which will be key to the new friendship of the two States.

Such beliefs are contained in an interview with Igor Kolomoisky, published in The New York Times. The newspaper notes that the businessman, talking about geopolitics, did not hesitate in expressions and sputtered curses.

“They are stronger anyway. We must improve our relations , – said Kolomoisky, comparing Russia and Ukraine. – People want peace, a good life, they don’t want to fight.”

According to the billionaire, the war of the two Slavic peoples only interested Washington.
You – America – forcing us to fight and not even give us money for it”, – said Kolomoisky talking with American journalists.

The businessman stressed that he had no special love for Russia. He mentioned the famine in 1932-1933, when the collectivization, according to various estimates, died of starvation from two to seven million Ukrainians.

In the form of obscene Kolomoisky added that the West has betrayed Ukraine, without providing enough financial aid and not opening their markets. Instead, according to the billionaire, United States are just using Ukraine to try to weaken its geopolitical rival.

“The war against Russia until the last Ukrainian”, – Kolomoysky this thesis ascribes to the Americans.

In his opinion, the restoration of relations with Russia is necessary to the economic survival of Ukraine, writes “Ukrainian truth”. And Pro-Russian forces shed blood, and endured sufferings of Ukrainians will soon be forgotten. “Give it (Ukraine) five, 10 years, and blood will be forgotten,” – said Kolomoisky.

According to him, Ukraine still will not accept either NATO or the EU, but Russia will be happy to include it in the new Warsaw Pact. But because there is no need to waste time on “empty talk” with the Alliance.

This Kolomoysky is ready to build mutually beneficial relations with Washington, if he will consider Ukrainian interests. The billionaire said that if I were a President of Ukraine, began an investigation, which was made the President of the United States Donald trump.

The question is not whether it will put Ukraine under attack, if the presidential elections next year, Democrats win, Kolomoisky said belligerent tirade. “If they try to be clever with us, we will go to Russia. Russian tanks will be located near Krakow and Warsaw. Your NATO is going to wet their pants and buy diapers,” explained the billionaire.

As noted in The New York Times, statements Kolomoisky reflect his frustration Western diplomacy and the International monetary Fund (IMF), who believes that the President Zelensky would not allow him to regain control of “Privat”. The IMF is also ready to lend to Ukraine only under the condition of anti-corruption reforms. But they can hurt the interests of many influential Ukrainians.

Kolomoisky said that in this situation it is better to seek support and to ask for the money from Moscow. “We take 100 billion dollars from the Russians. I think they would be happy to give them to us today, ” he said.

The businessman is sure that the money that can be spent on reforms will play a magic role in the normalization of relations. “What is the fastest way to solve the problem and restore the relationship? Only money,” he added.

Kolomoisky said that he intends to regain the right of ownership of the “PrivatBank” or to receive compensation. He said that the former President, Petro Poroshenko, responsible for the nationalization of the Bank should be punished. For such as he “must be returned to the death penalty.”

This Kolomoysky denies that it has a hidden influence on the government of Vladimir Zelensky. But be warned, he begins to believe in the prevailing image and is able to put it into practice.

“If I put on glasses and look at yourself as the rest of the world, I see myself as a monster, puppet master, master Zelensky, a man building apocalyptic plans, – said Kolomoisky. – I can start to do it really.”

Igor Kolomoisky, returned to Ukraine in mid-may immediately after the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential elections. Prior to this, the businessman lived two years in Switzerland and Israel. In Kiev, he did not appear due to the fact that he is involved in several criminal cases.

President Vladimir Zelensky many are calling a puppet of Kolomoysky. However, the billionaire is promoting their people to other responsible positions, wrote “Izvestia”.

The head of the presidential administration was the former external Advisor to Kolomoisky Andrei Bogdan. He has provided legal services to the businessman when he was Governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

And in Parliament sit a few dozen deputies, many of whom worked in the structures of Kolomoisky and are personally loyal to him.

As noted by The Bell, Kolomoisky interview published on the eve of the return of the IMF mission in Kyiv to discuss a new loan program by $ 5 billion. In September, the IMF refused to allocate these funds, as international experts are not satisfied with the course of structural reforms in Ukraine, the fight against corruption and quality of governance.