Billy Ailes launched its own line of children’s clothing

The young singer continues to win the hearts of their young fans.

Билли Айлиш запустила собственную линейку детской одежды

Billy Ailish expanded the range of the author’s line of clothing Blohsh, which was established in March 2018. It is based on only what is the artist herself: sweatpants, sweatshirts and hoodies, oversized t-shirts with bright prints, Bermuda shorts and hats.

The day before in the personal Instagram account appeared unique footage from backstage new now child, collection. Them Billy was surrounded by the crowd of little kids and almost threw her to the floor. The background and clothing patterns bright green, almost acidic, colors. This choice was not accidental — at the moment the hair is the most Billy of the same hue. How much will it cost cheerful garments, is not known. The singer told fans only the name of the line — BILLIE EILISH KIDS.