Billy Bob Thornton talked about the relationship with Angelina Jolie 16 years later after the divorce

The actor admitted to reporters that even after all this time he continues to communicate with his ex-wife.

Билли Боб Торнтон рассказал об отношениях с Анджелиной Джоли спустя 16 лет после развода

On Friday, September 13, at the festival of Tribeca TV Festival”s premiere of the third season of the series “Goliath”, where Billy Bob Thornton played a major role. At this event, the actor told reporters about the place in his life takes ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

In an interview with US Weekly, Billy admitted that he and Angelina are good friends who communicate for many years. According to the actor, even after all this time after the divorce, they try to communicate by phone. To meet in person is not possible, because the profession involves continuous traveling.

Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie were married in 2000. Their marriage lasted 3 years. The main reason for the couple’s split became agoraphobic actor. Billy in an interview said that Jolie pleased with the attention, she’s not afraid of a large number of people. He, on the contrary, most wanted to be in silence and not carried to public places.

The relationship of this celebrity couple many believed was crazy. Some said that they wore lockets with each other’s blood. However, Thornton says that this is an exaggeration of journalists. In fact, they just pricked his finger, smeared the blood and put the medallions in the cases when were apart very far. The rest of their relationship was completely normal.

Recall that Angelina Jolie is going through very tough period of life. The actress not long ago officially divorced from brad pitt. Their parting was very painful. Old lovers and are unable to divide property and custody of children, and in the press often appeared rumors that the actress lost weight to 35 pounds and nerves brought his body to exhaustion.