Biologists called the 5 unique features of the exterior

Биологи назвали 5 уникальных черт внешности

The unusual appearance attracts the eye, like a bird of rare plumage. It is no coincidence! We asked biologists: what are the features of the appearance can be called unique?

1-2% of the world population are redheads. However, the British Isles can rightly claim the highest concentration of redheads in the world, as 13% of Scots and 10% of Irish hair color has a reddish hue. It provides a variant of the MC1R gene, which causes cells to actively produce a reddish type of melanin – pheomelanin. Red-haired people have a high content pheomelanin with a relatively small number eumelanin, black-brown pigment. At different times, redheads were subjected to the most cruel persecution and deification. Red hair acquired as a result of inheritance of the gene from each parent. It is established that the gene responsible for the reddishness of hair appeared from the Neanderthals, who inhabited Europe 200 thousand years ago.

0.6% of people (or around 6 people per 1,000) have different eye colors: one brown, the second blue. This phenomenon is caused by an excess or deficiency of melatonin, is called heterochromia irises (heterochromia iridis). Interestingly, there are only three colors in the pigmentation of the iris: blue, brown and yellow. Different amounts of each pigment determines the final eye color. Among famous people with this feature – actress Mila kunis.
Only 11% of the population have curly hair. As you know, the process of hair growth is due to the formation of new cells. To the hair follicle (follicle) from below “fit” the capillaries that are in the hair efficacy. There is the division of cells. If this process is uniform, the hair grows straight. If the division is uneven, the curls become wavy.

8% of people can boast blue eyes. According to experts, the first people with the heavenly color of the irises appeared between 6 000 and 10 000 years ago, which is the most recent genetic mutation. Originally all people had brown eyes. The mutation affected the so-called OCA2 gene, which restricts the production of melatonin in the iris. As a result, it weakens brown eyes to blue. If the OCA2 gene had been completely disabled, color of hair, eyes and skin would be completely devoid of melanin, that happens in albinos.

About 9% of people have a dimple on my chin. It is a hereditary trait. And passes his gene belongs to the dominant, so will inherit this trait not only your children, but more distant descendants. Dimple is caused due to insufficient development of the tissue connecting the skin to the bone. However, with age, it may become smaller or even disappear. This is because the muscles of the face as the years gradually lengthened. Although some people have dimples persist until old age. This feature is most common among people of European and middle Eastern origin. Among the most prominent representatives of this appearance – actors John Travolta and Jude law.