Biologists have called the main alcoholic in the animal world

Биологи назвали главного алкоголика в животном мире

Animal manages to drink 10-12 glasses of wine a day.

Perehvati tree shrews fans to relax and drink palm wine. A lot of palm wine. Every day to your loose way of life they emit about two hours, during which they manage to drink about 10-12 glasses of wine, if measured in human standards.

But, despite the amount of alcohol consumed, the tree shrews are never drunk. Their body simply neutralizes the effect of alcohol, which in their case is very useful. To walk alone, and even drunk, in the forest at night – clearly not the best prospect for tree shrews.

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Tree shrew — the mammal topovyh. A typical tree shrew is similar to its bushy tail and pointed muzzle at the squirrel. Common tree shrew lives in Southeast Asia on the Malay Peninsula from isthmus of KRA (Thailand) and the Islands of the Malay archipelago.