Birds-terrorists: the leading “eagle and tails” was attacked by aggressive swans (video)

Птицы-террористы: на ведущую «Орла и решки» напали агрессивные лебеди (видео)

TV presenter Alina Ostrowska, which is now removed in the season of “Miracles of light” transmission “heads and tails” became the victim of an attack in Norway.

Video with the incident she posted in Instagram.

The video shows how in broad daylight on televeduschey was attacked by two “robber” — white swans.

Leading sat down on the lawn in the Park and decided to feed the birds.

Seeing the bread, the latter did not wait for handouts, and brazenly began to take the treat. One of the birds even touched beak to the girl’s backpack.

“Leave me some bread, I’m here with no money and no food!— screaming swans Alina, but they paid no attention to the requests of the victim. — You birds-terrorists! So cute, my God… That’s the appearance, it is deceptive, I once again convinced!”

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Publication of ASTROVSKAYA (@alina_astrovskaya_) 9 Oct 2019 at 8:57 PDT

Ostrowska told the followers that in the end one of them even bit her face. This moment is not on video, but he will go down in the release of the “eagle and tails” called “Norwegian fjords”.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the team of the popular show “heads and Tails”, including Alina Ostrowska, during the work on the release, dedicated to the Indonesian province of Papua, were in a difficult situation. In the city where the shooting took place shows, began an armed revolt, and the team was unable to leave the hotel.

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