Black gold started to rise in price

Черное золото начало расти в цене

Futures on Brent crude oil with delivery in October on Monday morning in the course of trading rose in price up to 44,80 per barrel, according to Bloomberg data.

According to the newspaper as of 8:02, the price of futures for Brent oil rose 0.90%.

The price of the September futures for WTI rose to 41,74 dollars per barrel, adding to 1.26%.

The world oil market March 9, survived “black Monday” — the largest sharp drop in prices since 1991 when the war in the Persian Gulf. After that, the oil market has been a number of collapses of prices on the background of the situation with coronavirus and restrictions due to pandemic in the largest economies of the world, leaving a market overwhelmed by a sharp decrease in demand and an excessive oversupply of crude oil.

Status of disaster: from a sunken tanker in Odessa again leaked oil

April 12 member countries of OPEC+, including Russia, agreed to cut oil production in a pandemic. The ultimate decline in production would be 9.7 million barrels per day, the agreement entered into force in may.

OPEC predicted oil prices at 40 dollars per barrel in the second half of the year.