Black ice on the roads and extreme snowfall in the US rages a powerful winter storm

This morning, 21 February, in North and South Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia due to the wet snow the dangerous situation on the roads. On the road formed black ice. The national weather service warns of this and encourages drivers and pedestrians to be extra careful, reports USA Today.

Черный лед на дорогах и экстремальный снегопад: в США бушует мощный зимний шторм

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The most serious situation now on the roads in South-Central Virginia and North Eastern North Carolina.

The weather service reported that black ice on the roads will melt soon. The temperature of the air in the northeast Georgia, Western North Carolina and Northern South Carolina increases.

As explained by experts of the site Avtomir, black ice is an international concept among motorists. It means slippery frozen layer, through which illuminated the asphalt. Because of this the driver the impression that the road is clear and safe, and he does more dramatic maneuvers than would the obvious ice.

How to understand that the road is black ice? The wheel seems easy, on the road can not see the tire tracks from the wheels traveling ahead of the vehicle is not out of the spray, and the tires of your car does not emit any sounds? There is no more dull and dark spots? Note: most likely, under the wheels of a transparent and very slippery film that merged with the asphalt.

What if you were on black ice? You need to gently remove your foot from the accelerator and do not touch the brake. Not to make sudden movements while driving. If you feel that the car starts to slide, do not try to align – on ice no traction. Allow the vehicle to smoothly overcome the dangerous area.

Dozens of schools were closed or will be closing today, February 21. Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed because of the storm.

Winter storm during the day will move to regions where there are more than 12 million people.

On 21 February, it can snow until late in the evening in Richmond, Raleigh, Greenville and even in some mountain areas of North Georgia.

Weather service reported that in most parts of North Carolina and southern Virginia fell from 1 to 4 inches (2.5-10 cm) of snow.

Thursday before the storm in North Carolina and Virginia have also closed the majority of educational institutions. First, closed government offices in County Durham, after Durham public schools, with an enrollment of over 32,000 students.

The Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper and officials of emergency situations of the state urged residents to be ready for the winter storm and to monitor local weather forecasts.

“According to forecasts, in some parts of North Carolina will be more snow than in Washington or Philadelphia for the whole season,” said CNN meteorologist Monica Garrett.

According to AccuWeather, the total value of winter precipitation is now much below normal: 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) in Washington, 0.3 inches (0.7 cm) in Philadelphia and 4.7 inches (12 cm) in new York.

But snowfall will be short-lived. After the storm is over, temperatures will rise, snow will begin to melt. The temperature rises to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (+4 Celsius) on Saturday, February 22. Then in the next two days it will rise to 60 f (+15 Celsius).

On 20 February in most parts of the southern regions again were torrential rains. This winter was the rainiest in the whole history of observations in this region, according to the Weather Channel.

Weeks of heavy rains brought trouble to many southern regions of the United States. This has led to near-record flooding in the States of Mississippi and Tennessee. The city of Jackson, Mississippi, was particularly affected when the river overflowed, inundating hundreds of homes.





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