Black summer Putin: a fire at the phosphate plant in Russia filmed


Чёрное лето Путина: пожар на фосфорном заводе в России сняли на видео

Russian Togliatti added to the sad list of technological disasters the summer of 2019. On the morning of Wednesday, August 14, it became known about a fire at the factory “Phosphorus”. White smoke began to rise over the premises at 10:34. Recall that Russia continues large-scale forest fires.

The townspeople suspected that dealing with emissions of hazardous substances, however, in the EMERCOM in the Samara region has calmed, say, the former plant was simply burning rubbish, and the fire area made 8 square meters.

Firefighters extinguished the fire within a few minutes, but after a while there was a similar fire.

In the administration of Togliatti said that burning capacity with the phosphorus sludge.

In a network there was video of the incident.

Summer of 2019 was marked in Russia this chain tehnogennyh disasters that hit the entire territory of the country.

So, at a time when Siberia is suffering due to forest fires, under the Severodvinsk continue to liquidate explosion consequences of nuclear missiles in the sea. There was recorded a strong surge of radiation. You can also recall the accident on the submarine “Losharik” and explosions at an arms factory in Dzerzhinsk.

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