Bladder cancer: three signs that need to be taken very carefully

In men, the bladder cancer develops much more frequently than women, but in women the disease often leads to death. German oncologist Martin Schuler called the signs that you need to pay attention: they can be benign, but can also talk about cancer.

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In everyday life, the human body gets many toxins through the air, through cigarette smoke or food. Passing through the body, harmful substances are excreted in through the urinary tract. There they can cause cancer, this portal Focus Online said the doctor-oncologist Martin Schuler.

“Many may notice painful urination, but it is associated with cystitis. Indeed, in most cases, this symptom is not life threatening. But it can also be a symptom of bladder cancer. The tumor in the bladder remains unnoticed for a long time, as few correctly interpretiruya signals the body,” — said the doctor.

Causes bladder cancer. Information service cancer German cancer research centre mentions the following indicates the causes of the disease.

Nicotine. It is now well known that Smoking largely contributes to the development of bladder cancer. Approximately half of all cases of the disease may be associated with this harmful habit, according to German experts. Tobacco smoke contains aromatic amines — chemicals that are carcinogens. These substances are excreted through the kidneys and also get into the bladder.

Infection. Untreated chronic infection of the bladder or bladder stones can also contribute to the development of bladder cancer.

Heredity. If one of the parents was suffering from cancer of the bladder, the child’s risk of this disease will be increased.

Food. Scientists have not been able to adequately clarify the effect of diet on this type of cancer. However, it was found that a diet low in fat and sufficient amount of fruit gives a preventive effect.

Medication. Some drugs can damage the bladder. For example, the drug for diabetes treatment pioglitazone is considered to be probably carcinogenic. In addition, the bladder can harm the cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy.

Exposure. Bladder cancer can result from radiation therapy. For example, doctors diagnose an increased risk of bladder cancer in patients with a tumor of the uterus.

The relationship between hair dyes and risk of bladder cancer is actively discussed by scientists. In 2000, a study of the University of southern California in Los Angeles showed that women who monthly color their hair, the risk of bladder cancer a year later is doubled in comparison with women who do not use dyes. But more recent studies have not confirmed this connection. The effect of hair dyes remained a subject of controversy.

According to oncologist Martin Schuler, after the first contact with a possible carcinogen to the development of bladder cancer can take up to forty years.

Signs of bladder cancer. The expert described the signs that you need to pay attention:

Physician podcherknul that early timely detection of the tumor can be removed using minimally invasive procedures.