Blake Shelton said that Gwen Stefani’s “hottest girl on Earth”

Blake Shelton may have won a CMA award on November 13, but he was much happier because he has “the hottest girlfriend on earth” with Gwen Stefani in the cutest video.
Love Gwen Stefani to the division of the whole of her day in the history of Instagram caught another precious moment between her and her boyfriend, 43-year-old Blake Shelton. Together the pair participated in the awards ceremony of the Association of country music November 13, and while Blake took home the trophy for single of the Year for “Country of God”, he was much happier that its main prize, the Gwen as his girlfriend. He was happy to ply the 50-year-old stunned Gwen kisses.

Блейк Шелтон заявил, что Гвен Стефани «самая горячая девушка на Земле»

After speaking with Blake CMA with Garth Brooks, the pair left “Bridgestone arena” in Nashville to hang out in a tourist bus Blake, so he could remove his suit, relax in comfortable clothes and enjoy the rest of the show on TV of the car. In one of the stories Gwen in Instagram as she watched, she asked Blake “So, what did you win?”, he said, “I Have the hottest girl on the Earth.” She again asked him what he won, and Blake said, “Oh, that was a CMA, but I have the hottest girlfriend on Earth,” and then he began to ply her cheek a bunch of kisses when Gwen had an open smile with delight.

Throughout the night Gwen posted pictures where they looked so attractive: Blake in his black jacket and tie with a blue shirt, and Gwen in a black mini dress on one shoulder with white diamond print on front. She even published a photo-story about a couple where she wrote that he was her “country-Boo”. Gwen was so amazing, talking about how she felt like a “fish in water”, due to the fact that she was an icon of pop-rock among a sea of country artists, but she still cried like she had fun. You never know what will happen in your life,” she added, as Gwen probably never imagined a future where she will meet with the superstar in country style.

Had two roommates, whom Gwen was introduced as artists, one of whom, her eldest son 13-year-old Kington Rossdale. She prepared my camera to show Dan Smyers and James Shay Mooney, members of the country Duo “Dan+Shay” sitting behind her in the audience. “Kingston, look who I am,” squealed Gwen at the camera. “Hey, Kingston is Shay and Dan, began Shea, and then said to him: — Your mother is so much cooler than us, but hopefully we will be able to chat with you the other day, because it will be cool.” Blake probably could manage it!