Blanchet not impressed with Poilievre's arrival

Blanchet not impressed with Poilievre’s arrival< /p> UPDATE DAY

Yves-François Blanchet is not overly impressed by the idea of ​​having as a new opponent in the House of Commons Pierre Poilievre, with whom he says he “gets along well”.

“He's funny, he's got wit. He seems like a nice guy to me, our contacts are more like that. I spoke by text message with him after the election, and it is very nice, ”said the leader of the Bloc Québécois at a press conference in Oka on Wednesday.

“Unless he threatened to break my leg, to blow my eye out, I'm no more afraid of him than of anyone else, and even that, I welcome the arrival of Pierre he replied when asked by a reporter if the colorful character scared him.

Mr. Blanchet is delighted with the “perfect French” of Mr. Poilievre, because unlike the Conservative leaders who preceded him, “if he says different things in one language and in the other, it will be with full knowledge of the facts

The Bloc leader mocked his new opponent for his “little fantasies about cryptocurrency” and the “little glues” he gave “in the midst of a pandemic [to] truckers not vaccinated, no mask”.

Arrows at Justin Trudeau

Gathered with the members of his caucus and with the return to parliament on the horizon, Yves-François Blanchet fired his first arrows at the Trudeau government.

He notably criticized the liberal Pablo Rodriguez, who “tore another shirt” on Monday in reaction to François Legault's remarks that non-francophone immigration represented a threat to “national cohesion”.

“If in the middle of an election campaign the federal government can shamelessly confront the current government of Quebec […], it is because the federal government knows that the National Assembly will have no leverage if there is no not a strong contingent of separatist MPs [in Ottawa],” he said.

On the other hand, Mr. Blanchet criticized Ottawa's management of the passport and airport file.< /p>

“It must be embarrassing for the Prime Minister to have gone to sunbathe in Costa Rica while Canadian and Quebec citizens had all the misery in the world to get around, in particular because of rules that very few things still justify, and above all, a government which, as we know, has major vision problems, is not even capable to do day-to-day management.”

“I wouldn't entrust him with a convenience store,” he quipped.