Bleach vs coronavirus: in the US, dramatically, the cases of household chemical poisoning

In recent months, the U.S. dramatically increased the number of cases of poisoning with disinfectants, writes “Voice of America”.

Отбеливатель против коронавируса: в США резко участились случаи отравления бытовой химией

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Recommendations for prevention of infection with coronavirus voiced by the expert community have repeatedly wash hands, not to touch your face, disinfect surfaces and stay home. However, global tensions contributed to the spread of myths about COVID-19. Among them, its not so much useless as real health risks, you can allocate the myth of the preventive properties of disinfectants that are taken into the body.

⁣Increase in the number of poisoning

From January to March, 2020, the Centers for control and disease prevention in the US has 45 recorded 550 cases of poisoning with cleaning products and disinfectants, which is 20% more than the figure last year. The largest growth noted among the cases of poisoning with bleach, antiseptics and alcohol-free disinfecting gels for hands.

Although a direct link between the use of chemicals and of people’s attempts to protect itself from the coronavirus has not been proven, it is widely believed that this relationship is quite likely.

On such cases, for example, reported by the authorities of Illinois. The Chicago Tribune quoted Dr. Ngozi Ezike, head of the Ministry of health of the state, which has declared a “significant increase” of reports of poisoning from household chemicals. As an example, Asike told about the resident of Illinois who mixed bleach and mouthwash to combat coronavirus.

Thus, according to NPR, the greatest surge improper use of household chemicals was noted after the press conference of the working group on the fight against the coronavirus, which were made by Donald trump on April 23.

⁣Injection household cleaning products

During a press conference on 23 April, the head of the research Department in the Ministry of internal security of the USA William Bryan mentioned that the bleach and alcohol can destroy coronavirus on surfaces. President Donald trump continued the thought of Brian, but in a rather unusual manner: he suggested that the virus can be defeated in particular by using injection or other introduction into the body of disinfectants.

Later press-service of the White house issued a statement indicating that the President’s words were taken out of context, and that trump always recommends to consult with physicians.

The authorities in new York said that within 18 hours after the press conference in the city was 30 cases associated with poisoning by household chemicals.

The next day journalists asked to comment on the White house statement. Trump said that his words be taken as “the question with sarcasm, turned to a group of hostile people, in particular, to create fake media.”

Social networking has become a popular video in which Deborah birx, who was present at the press conference, did not hide his surprise from trump statements.

“Not to aggravate a bad situation”

Employees of medical institutions, health authorities and relevant agencies, as well as politicians and public figures began to hastily refute the words of the President of the United States.

Authorities in Washington warned against the consumption of capsules with washing powder or injections of any kind of disinfectant.

“Just don’t aggravate a bad situation”, — stated in the statement of the authorities of the state.

Отбеливатель против коронавируса: в США резко участились случаи отравления бытовой химией


Employees of Harvard University reminded that injections of bleach will cause hemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and liver damage, and many disinfectants can cause burns of the gastric mucosa.

Отбеливатель против коронавируса: в США резко участились случаи отравления бытовой химией


Not left behind and, most likely, the main rival of Donald trump in the upcoming elections. Former Vice-President of the United States and the only Democratic party candidate Joe Biden posted a tweet: “I can’t believe I have to say it, but please don’t drink bleach”.

Отбеливатель против коронавируса: в США резко участились случаи отравления бытовой химией


Experts urge citizens to careful use of household chemicals, Recalling that cleaners and disinfectants harmful if swallowed.

Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA) also emphasizes that there is no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted with food. The experts specify that as a precaution, you can wipe packaging (including cans) disinfectants, and fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed under running water.




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