Bloating: get just 60 seconds

The discomfort associated with bloating can be quite unbearable.

Вздутие живота: избавляемся всего за 60 секунд

Bloating — is becoming more and more common problem among people of all ages.

It gives a terrible sense of discomfort.

Although there are many theories about how to get rid of bloating treatment for this problem is actually quite simple. Known nutritionist, Cynthia Sass found the recipe for a tonic that will help you to get rid of bloating in no time.

This drink will help you burn excess fat and become a source of huge amount of nutrients, just need to drink it every day.


2 liters of water
12 small mint leaves
1 teaspoon. grated ginger
1 middle size lemon, sliced finely
1 medium size cucumber, peeled and finely chopped


In pitcher, combine all ingredients. Allow to steep for one hour. Now you can drink 8-10 glasses a day. Drinking plain water is optional because this drink replaces it with good.