Bloc Québécois Louis Plamondon pays tribute to the Queen

Bloquiste Louis Plamondon pays tribute to the Queen


Quebec's oldest separatist MP, Bloc Québécois Louis Plamondon, paid tribute to Elizabeth II, to whom he had great admiration, despite political views at the antipodes. < /p>

In her eyes, Her Majesty “dominated her work”, that is to say that she did not let herself be dictated to.

“He is a testimony of admiration [which I render]. She is a woman who has dedicated her life to her role. She had no personal life. She couldn't even go to a store or have a coffee on a terrace. Everything was checked. She was completely surrounded. I'm sure that on occasion, she must have said, “my God, I'd be fine without all that protocol”, believes Mr. Plamondon.

He has indeed been annoyed by a speech, the one delivered by the Queen in Ottawa in 1990 in full failure of the Meech Lake Accord. On the other hand, he must admit that the quality of the French with which she had punctuated her speech helped him swallow the pill.

On the wall of Louis Plamondon's office, at his residence in Sorel-Tracy, is prominently hung is a photograph of the Queen, taken during the repatriation of the constitution in 1982.

This kind of decoration is probably not common for the office of a separatist MP. “I have always seen this photo in my office, next to me. Not upstairs, just downstairs, next to me, to always remind me why I went into politics,” said the Bloc MP.