Blood banks and the food in the USA: how you can help those in need

As soon as the coronavirus is spreading in the United States, people are increasingly focused on supporting and protecting their families. But many US residents have no one to worry, and then come in charity. In a crisis, the demand for their services has increased and donations have decreased. So if you are willing to help, that would be helpful. About how to do it, told the online edition of CNN.

Банки крови и продовольствия в США: как вы можете помочь нуждающимся

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There is a serious need for blood

On 3 April the American Red cross said that because of problems with the coronavirus about 18,000 blood donors cancelled their appointments.

“In my entire life have I been so concerned about what might happen with blood supply, as now, simply because of the degree of influence of the coronavirus in public decisions,” said Chris Hrouda, President of the biomedical branch of the red cross.

According to Grudi, it is important that people are now donated to charity, while part of the country are still healthy. About 80% of the fees blood “red cross” comes from the organizations for the collection of blood organized at churches, schools and businesses.

The blood supply must be constantly replenished because blood is perishable. According to him, when the blood donation is cancelled this threatens the stocks. A unit of red blood cells can be stored for 42 days, while platelets have a shelf life of only five days.

Strongly affected by the coronavirus of the United States, such as North-West of the country, was in a very serious situation. The statement said that the blood supply to the region “is under threat of collapse.”

How you can help: we need blood donors. Need all blood types, but the first group of the platelets is something that banks “red cross” are now in need the most. You can find points for a blood drive near you via the American Red Cross here or American centers of blood donation here.

Shelves in some of the food banks were empty

“Unfortunately, people seem to accumulate canned food at home,” said Kate Lombardo at the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County in Connecticut.

“But there is a group of the population that is unable to provide themselves with food in case of quarantine. Most people don’t have $100-200 to spend on food to stock up on food for two weeks,” says Lombardo.

Pasta, spaghetti sauce, and cereal, as a rule, has always been in inventory foodbank in abundance, but now, she said, even these products have disappeared. The food Bank had to use financial donations to purchase food for resupply.

“It’s a scary factor for people who live from paycheck to paycheck and barely make ends meet, said Lombardo. You already have the stress factor of poverty, not to mention the additional stress caused by the pandemic.”

This food Bank in Connecticut provides products 90 departments and programs that prepare or produce food to the needy.

How can you help: different foodbank and kitchens have different needs. Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County is requesting donations of canned food, while CHiPS said that he needs disposable containers and utensils after the organization had to go from feeding the needy in place a system of takeaways and food delivery. To find your local food Bank, enter your postcode or state in the national directory of Feeding America and you will see a list of nearby organizations.

Shelters for the homeless and their problems during the quarantine

While no cases of coronavirus among the homeless, but there are fears that he will kill this already vulnerable group.

According to Giselle Rothe, Director for policy, coalition for the homeless in new York, tips on hand washing and self-isolation in quarantine are impractical for the homeless.

Shelter in Los Angeles took aggressive measures to ensure the safety of the homeless. There moved the bunk beds to a distance of six feet (1.8 m) apart, and found the area hard to quarantine anyone with symptoms.

“We created the family quarantine in the family wing, the two families have symptoms of respiratory illness, but since we can’t run the tests, and the hospital of these people is not checked, we can’t confirm any of the diagnoses”, — said the General Director of the orphanage Andy Bailes.

The shelter added a few points where people can wash their hands with warm water and good hygiene. Door handles and Elevator buttons are disinfected to 9 times a day.

How can you help: shelters for the homeless, such as Union Rescue Mission, asking people to share necessities, such as toilet paper, soap, disinfectant hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Masks, gloves and protective gear are also welcome, as the staff of the shelters should be able to protect themselves, serving those in need.

You can call 311 to contact the homeless shelter in your city; call 211 to connect with local social services. Veterans administration also supports round-the-clock hot line for homeless vets at the number 877-4AID-VET (877-424-3838) or online chat.

Older people in quarantine need food

At that time the public concerned about working from home and isolation is a huge part of the population remains without food.

Elderly people with mobility issues have difficulty buying or preparing food. Program “Meals on wheels” daily provide hot food to the elderly and those who are at home.

“Hot food is important for nutrition, but for an elderly person it’s also a chance not to feel isolated, said Steve king with Meals on Wheels of Tampa. — We prepare frozen meals, and in the case that we have too little food, and we will not be able to give someone a hot meal, we give them frozen meals seven days ahead,” said king.

In the “Meals on wheels”, said that their programs adapt to the requirements of the quarantine.

“Delivery methods are adjusted to reduce the risk of contact between people, — said the press-Secretary of Meals on Wheels of America Jenny Yang. Volunteers may not enter the house, and deliver products more shelf stable or frozen meals at one time to reduce frequency of deliveries”.

How you can help: help the neighbors. If you go to the grocery store, offer to buy what they need. Or ask if she needs an elderly neighbor on a trip to the store or in the pharmacy. To donate to Meals on Wheels of America, click here. You can also register to become a volunteer. If you need food, please enter your zip code to find help in your area.


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