Bloody weekend: in the United States was swept by a wave of killings and injuries among the protesters

Authorities in major US cities said about the bloody weekend amid growing calls for the disbanding of police departments after the death of George Floyd, writes Fox News.

Кровавые выходные: по США пронеслась волна убийств и ранений среди протестующих

Protests in Minneapolis. Photo: Shutterstock

Became aware of the shooting in free police the Seattle area called “Autonomous zone” — at least one person was killed. This was reported by the police of the city of Seattle is conducting an investigation at the scene, writes “Voice of America”.

On Saturday, June 20, at about 3 am the employees of the Seattle police Department received several reports of 3-6 shots fired in the area of “Autonomous zones”. The police arrived on the scene on foot and with security to be used during protests. The police collected casings from bullets and other evidence.

We will remind, in Seattle, the protesters set up what they called free from the police district “Autonomous zone”. The nearest to this place police Department law enforcement officers left on 8 June after clashes with the protesters. Order on the territory appears to be controlled by armed firearms protesters.

According to local blog, the gunman saw the security guard. He arrived in a black SUV and got out of the car with a rifle after finishing the celebration of Juneteenth.

Two shooting victims were taken from the crime scene, the volunteers in the hospital. One person — a 19-year-old man, later died.

One person was killed and 11 people were injured in the shooting that occurred Sunday morning, June 21, in North Minneapolis, said city police. All the wounded were injured, not life-threatening, writes “Voice of America”.

Police say that the attacker may not be alone. No one is arrested. The motive of the attack is also not known.

The incident occurred at 5 kilometers from the commercial area of the city where the protests took place against racial inequality after the death of George Floyd. Fox 9 reported that the suspects opened fire when the visitors had expected the entrance to the restaurant.

“They started out here on the sidewalk, and headed for the middle of the street, firing at the sides, — said witness Fred Hwang. — That’s why there was broken glass, and right next to our building, breaking a window.”

The police also reports about two other incidents of firing that occurred on the evening of June 21 at the South of the city. The representative of police of the city reported that angry protesters prevented the police arriving on places of incidents.

The shooting attracted the attention of a member of the house of representatives Ilhan Omar, who wrote on Twitter: “it hurts Me to see another senseless act of violence in Minneapolis. Our city has been through so much, and we must promote peace, putting an end to the violence with a weapon”.

Police reported that 2 people were killed and 7 wounded in a shooting in Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, there’s 5 other people were hit by a car, writes USA Today.

The shooting happened around midnight on 21 June on “the party’s makeshift quarters,” he told reporters on Monday, June 22, the Deputy chief of police johnny Jennings. Police found on the streets of hundreds of people. After the arrival of the emergency services was made a few shots, which dispersed the crowd. 5 people were hit by a car while fleeing.

Jennings said that there was evidence of activity of multiple shooters, but no one was in custody as of the morning of 22 June.

In Chicago recorded at least 11 killed and 67 wounded. Among the dead were 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl. A teenage girl was gunned down at home — she was in the room when he received a stray bullet in the neck from a shot outside. She was found dead in the hospital.

Кровавые выходные: по США пронеслась волна убийств и ранений среди протестующих

Protests in Chicago. Photo: Shutterstock

8 of those bullets were children and teenagers, 4 of them died. 3-year-old boy was with his stepfather at about 18:30 PM on Saturday, when the bullet hit the child in the back. Witnesses told the station that the shots were fired from a blue Honda.

“Tears are the natural reaction to these tragic stories of violence. But we need more than just cry, says the superintendent of the Chicago police Department David brown. — Let’s longer imprisonment of violent criminals, and let’s update the system home monitoring. It doesn’t work.”

Monday, June 22, the New York Post reported that yesterday in new York, “was shot once in the hour,” and referred to the chief of police, who told the newspaper that the accused, arrested for weapons possession, was allowed to leave jail during a pandemic coronavirus. The newspaper said that only this day received the bullet 24.

Bloody weekend occurred on the background of how in cities across the country think about the future of the police. The case of Floyd and the recent murder of Rashard Brooks in Atlanta strained relations between city leaders and police unions. The protesters say that the city spend too much money on these departments and not enough on city programs. Police unions said that politicians feel abandoned and persecuted by the press.

Кровавые выходные: по США пронеслась волна убийств и ранений среди протестующих

The protests in new York. Photo: Shutterstock

The liberal wing of the Democratic party called on the city to either drastically cut funding or completely disband police departments. Omar said the police Department Minneapolis “rotten to the root” and should be disbanded. She called the separation “a cancerous tumor that needed to be amputated that it does not spread”.

Key Democrats, including presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden, distanciruemsa from the idea of “dofinansirovaniya”.

“I do not support dofinansirovaniya police. I support providing Federal assistance to the police depending on whether they conform to certain basic standards of decency, nobility and, in fact, be able to demonstrate that they can protect the community, everyone in the community,” Biden said.

Bill de Blasio, mayor of new York earlier in June, has promised to cut funding for the Department. A member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that part of the annual funding for the NYPD in the amount of $ 6 billion should be redirected to the fight against systemic racism. She said that the budget of the city police “should we book into the hands of our children and we are much in need of funds”, referring to the need to invest in public housing.

Supporters say that police protection is not confined to the elimination of police departments or deprivation of money. They say the country should focus on addressing systemic problems in the sphere of policing in America and to spend more on the needs of the communities in the U.S., such as housing and education.

De Blasio did not specify how many police officers he plans to cut, but last week, the NYPD announced that dismiss your team in the fight against crime. Commissioner Dermot Shea said about 600 officers of the unit will be transferred to other team. The dissolution followed the suspension of a police officer in new York because he used pepper spray against demonstrators. Two other officers were suspended from work, and the third was assigned the duty of a policeman was transferred.

President trump used calls to protect the police, to position himself as a presidential candidate, supporting law and order.

“They say, stop funding the police, he said. — Stop funding. Think about it. When I saw this, I said, “what are you talking About?” “We don’t want to have the police”, they say. You don’t need the police?”



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