Bloomberg: Ukraine’s Economy is soaring amid a slowdown in Europe


Bloomberg: Экономика Украины растет на фоне замедления в Европе

Bloomberg called the unexpected growth of the Ukrainian GDP

The Ukrainian economy in the second quarter of accelerated growth, despite trade tensions between the U.S. and China and the global economic slowdown that weighs on the economic situation in Europe. About it writes Bloomberg.

GDP growth of 4.6% publication calls unexpectedly fast. “The world Bank warned that without an acceleration of the growth rate Ukraine will have to spend a century to catch up to neighboring Poland”, — said the Agency.

President Vladimir Zelensky, whose party won control of Parliament in elections, promised to achieve a growth of 5% or more in the coming years, according to the material.

It is also noted that the announced reform plan sows optimism among investors.

Bloomberg: Экономика Украины растет на фоне замедления в Европе

“The first signals inspire”, — said the Agency investment Director Aberdeen Asset Management PLC Victor Chabot, who helps manage developing debt markets. The company has a large package of Ukrainian bonds.

Chabot expressed his regret on the early redemption of the company from warrants tied to GDP growth, issued by Ukraine in 2015 in the framework of debt restructuring.