Blue Jays: “I let everyone down” – Jordan Romano

Blue Jays: “I've let everyone down” &rdash; Jordan Romano


Reliever Jordan Romano wasn't the only reason the Toronto Blue Jays lost to the Seattle Mariners on Saturday. But since he allowed the double that led to the elimination of his team, he is terribly angry. 

The job of reliever in major league baseball can be thankless . Before taking possession of the mound in the eighth inning of this playoff duel between two teams drafted from the American, Romano had seen his teammates allow eight runs and nine hits. 

Yet it was the 29-year-old Gunner who suffered the loss, the result of a double point from Adam Frazier in right field.

“I feel like I let fall everyone after a long and pleasant season, dropped Romano, whose remarks were taken up by the Sportsnet network. I needed to be the man for the job and end the game. I could have done it, but it didn't happen. The feeling that inhabits me is despair.”

The native of Markham, a town about 30 minutes by car from Toronto, has been one of the Blue Jays' most reliable players this season. His 36 saves and 2.11 ERA in 2022 place him among the elite relievers in the major leagues.

Known for his consistency and composure, Romano never expected to allow the hit that ended Toronto's season.

“It’s really a shame, he slipped. I showed up at the mound and competed. But that wasn't enough. I should have been able to handle this situation. I was unable to. You give everything you have and it's not enough. It's hard to accept.”

An unfortunate accident

Among the four hits Romano conceded last Saturday was that double of J.P. Crawford in the bottom of the eighth inning. On this sequence, the Jays gunner had nothing to reproach himself for.

Although he initially allowed the strike to center field, it was due to violent contact between the outfielders George Springer and Bo Bichette that three Mariners players were able to complete their lap of the trails.

“When [Crawford] hit the ball, I thought it was going to be caught. he reminisced. It's a difficult feeling to watch the ball fly. You make a good throw, the ball is hit and it's out of your reach.

“The ball landed exactly between two guys. They collided, three runners reached home plate, and the guys were sprawled out. It was very difficult. But that's what baseball is.”