Blue light of death: scientists have discovered how smartphones are killing their hosts

Голубой свет смерти: ученые выяснили, как смартфоны убивают своих хозяев

Scientists from the University of Oregon came to a disappointing conclusion: prolonged exposure to blue light radiating from the screens of gadgets, damages the retina and brain cells. For this reason, the body ages prematurely. Report about their study published in EurekAlert.

It is reported that scientists had raised such an experiment: they studied the effect of daily 12-hour exposure to light from the blue led on the body of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. The state of these insects was compared with the condition of the flies from the control group who were in the dark and not exposed to the action of blue light.

The test results were as follows: flies exposed to optical radiation by day or by night, died early insects in the control group. These flies were discovered damage to the retina and neurons in the brain. In addition, the violations occurred in their physical activity.

In conclusion, researchers stated that “the blue light accelerate the aging process, affecting the activity of some genes involved in the development of protective response to stress.”

As previously reported “FACTS”, the gamer died from electric shock after he had fallen asleep, keeping a smartphone charged.

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