Blurred vision: when it is a dangerous symptom

Visual impairment takes many forms: the blurring of the images, the lines, shadows, dots, flashes of light in eyes, a doubling of all that is visible or its complete disappearance. In many cases, the problem is harmless, but also symptoms of impaired vision can be a signal of serious and dangerous diseases.

Нарушение зрения: когда оно является опасным симптомом

If a person with low blood pressure will rise sharply, something in his eyes starts flickering flies or stars that do not pose any danger. But if you begin to notice a deviation from the usual view, be sure to visit an ophthalmologist. Visual disturbances may indicate a heavy, coupled with the possibility of losing eyesight eye diseases (glaucoma, retinal detachment), or have any other physical cause. Especially important are regular checkups of view for men after the age of 50 years (begins to increase the risk of age-related glaucoma), people with hereditary eye problems, as well as for diabetics.

Sudden painless loss of vision. You might find that you see nothing with one eye, with no unpleasant sensations in the eyes do not feel. This condition can be very dangerous, it requires immediate treatment to doctors. Sudden vision loss can be a symptom of several serious diseases: heart attack eye stroke, detached retina .

Sudden painful loss of vision. The person experiences severe eye pain and headache, and often nausea. This syndrome is in many cases indicates glaucoma, which significantly increases intraocular pressure and damages the optic nerve.

Double image (diplopia). If we exclude the factor of alcohol use, sudden strabismus and double vision can indicate multiple sclerosis. In this neurological disease the immune system affects myelin sheath of nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord that is responsible for sending impulses to the body. This leads to different consequences — from mild numbness in limbs to paralysis or blindness.

Colored rings around lights. If looking, for example, street lights, the person sees around them bright colored ring, it can be a sign of developing glaucoma. Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye diseases in which the optic nerve gradually dies, and with it lost vision.

Blurred vision. The surrounding objects are perceived as if through a light veil of smoke, everything seems blurred. Such a violation may be associated with ocular infarction, cataracts, macular degeneration.

Distorted, flickering vision. Such a violation may occur when retinal detachment: environment no longer looks like in reality, and it seems distorted or flickering. Retinal detachment is one of the most serious diseases of vision, which is characterized by the separation of the retina from the choroid (or choroidal). In healthy eyes, the retina is tightly attached to the choroid and receives from her main power.

Flying gnats. One begins to see multiple black spots that resemble flying gnats or mosquitoes. The reason for this violation is often an opacification of the vitreous body. But also, this symptom may occur with retinal detachment.

Black spot. Black moving spot, which suddenly comes into view — a characteristic symptom of retinal detachment.

Flash. Sudden flashes of light in eyes can look intimidating phenomenon (many of them cause fright, fear). Often trigger this problem is a detached retina.

Ocular migraine (absolute scotoma). It can precede a migraine, and occur as an independent symptom without feeling a headache. Starts with small, shiny dots in field of vision which slowly expands and transformirovalsya in the image of splinters, cracks, patterns, arcs of light, shimmering distorted fragments. Soon the phenomenon usually disappears again, it lasts from several minutes to half an hour.