BMW is experiencing at the Nurburgring compact sports coupe M2 CS 2020

BMW испытывает на Нюрбургринге компактное спортивное купе M2 CS 2020

The BMW group is now actively testing a new version of the sports coupe M2 CS.

In spite of the protective film, which prevents to see the novelty in detail, to discern the similarities Bavarian auto with its main competitor – a sports coupe Porsche Cayman GT4.

According to the portal ГЛАС.Ru in the movement of the novelty is expected to bring former three-liter inline turbo engine with recoil 444 HP

With this powertrain under the hood M2 CS 2020 can accelerate to “hundreds” less than for four seconds.

For comparison, the M2 Competition spends on this process for four seconds, provided that the list of equipment is listed KP dual clutch.

To make the model easier, the engineers at BMW have produced a carbon fiber roof, hood, front splitter, exterior mirrors, rear diffuser and spoiler. Lighter material found in the interior of the compact sports coupe: on the seats, door handles and centre console. It is also known that the brand would limit the production model.

Results will be released 2 200 copies of CS version. The debut of new items can be organised in November this year at the international motor show in Los Angeles.