Bodyguard of Michael Jackson told why the singer actually wore a plaster on his nose

It seems that Michael Jackson has accused in all the sins of mankind, and we will never know if it’s fair. The bodyguard star has opened another ugly secret about the pop king.

Телохранитель Майкла Джексона рассказал, зачем певец на самом деле носил пластырь на носу

The bodyguard of singer Matt Finds in an interview with Metro told why Michael Jackson wore a mask, pasted a band-aid on the nose, and as he was in real life.

Matt Finds argues that the explanation is only one: the desire to remain popular. “He knew how to manipulate journalists and how to get on page one. In 90 percent of cases it worked, especially the patch, which was his favorite technique,” adds the bodyguard.

“Jackson wanted to his life was the greatest mystery in the world,” said Matt Finds.

According to FIDS when Jackson was not aimed the camera, he was not wearing a recognizable makeup and didn’t glue anything on the nose: was just a “normal guy.” But as soon as the king of pop was going to appear in public in the course were those strange things that journalists could not find an explanation, and it drove them crazy, but Michael Jackson was allowed to remain incredibly popular.

However, Pidds noted that this behavior has unpleasant consequences, and “it’s sad”, referring to the controversial film “Leaving Neverland”.

“He had a girlfriend and a legal marriage with Lisa Marie Presley, is his way of life,” said the former bodyguard. He insisted that Michael couldn’t molest the boys in his estate, Neverland, as alleged hardly ever went there.