Bodypositive and flashy makeup: looks like the sister of Keanu Reeves

The whole world is discussing a new passion of Keanu Reeves to Alexander Grant. However, it is not the first girl, which the actor appears at premieres and special screenings. Sometimes Keanu invites an escort to his smiling sister Karina Miller. She often outshines a quiet and shy brother!

Бодипозитив и кричащий макияж: как выглядит родная сестра Киану Ривза

As a rule, Keanu Reeves appeared on the red carpet alone or bring someone from the family. No one is refused: not the mother of the actor Patricia or sisters-Kim and Karina. It seems, frankly enjoyed all the attention to himself and struggled tried to remember.

And she is, of course, managed. Fishnets, cut in the style of Bettie page, bright makeup and provocative outfits, showing all that is possible and what is impossible, — when Karina Miller appeared on the events, famous brother instantly was lost on its background.
However, other members of the family of Reeves, is also merc next to Karina. Kim, another sister of Keanu, not trying to stand out, and in those rare moments when she accompanied brother, just as he hesitated undue attention. But Karina was not shy of anyone or anything. Tight-fitting suits — please dress with extreme cutout (love him she must have inherited from her mother Patricia Taylor) — give two.

Keanu and Karina maintain a cordial relationship. They are United by the interest in the movie. But if Reeves prefers to embody different characters, his sister prefer to be “on the other side of the screen.” Karina works as a film producer. Among its projects is the Thriller “Prepare for war” with Leighton Meester and drama “To the bone”, which starred famous brother Miller and Lily Collins.

Keanu Reeves mother Patricia Taylor and sister Karina Miller

Keanu — the indispensable guest of the Prime Minister of those paintings that has worked on his sister. In a recent interview in honor of the release of the tape “Prepare for war” Karina told that his brother always tried to support her. Sometimes it is even put on the ears of the whole school!

Recall that, according to rumors, Keanu Reeves meets his old friend — by artist Alexandra Grant. Interestingly, about this extraordinary woman thinks outrageous Karina Miller?