Bolivia breaks off diplomatic relations with Venezuela (PHOTO)

Боливия разрывает дипломатические отношения с Венесуэлой (ФОТО)

Bolivian authorities decided to break off diplomatic relations with Venezuela, reports TASS. This statement was made by the foreign Minister of Bolivia Karen Longerich, appointed interim head of state Jeanine Agnes.

“The Venezuelan diplomatic staff must leave the country for violating the rules of diplomacy,” she said.

Bolivian authorities say that the cause of the expulsion of diplomats was “interference in the internal Affairs” of the country.

In Bolivia, the October 20 presidential elections were held. According to the Supreme electoral Tribunal, the victory was won by Evo Morales. After the announcement of the voting results in the country began protests and strikes.
The army, the opposition and trade unions called for Morales to resign.

On 10 November he said that he was leaving the post of President, describing the situation as a coup. On Tuesday, Morales arrived in Mexico, whose authorities have granted him political asylum.
On the same day, the second Deputy speaker of the chamber of senators Agnes announced that assumes the duties of President. The constitutional court confirmed the legality of the transfer of power.