Bolivian President Morales refused to resign under pressure from the opposition and protesters (PHOTOS)

Президент Боливии Моралес отказывается уходить в отставку под давлением оппозиции и протестующих (ФОТО)

Bolivian President Evo Morales said Friday that he will not refuse from the highest office, despite opposition demands and protests that swept the country after the elections on 20 October presidential election, reports TASS.

“Right says: “Evo should resign”. I want to say to Bolivia and the world that I will not resign, we were elected by the people,” he said in the speech, which was broadcast in Facebook.

Morales urged his supporters to “defend begun the process of change and cultural and democratic revolution”.

Presidential elections were held in the Republic on October 20. According to the information published by the Higher electoral court, won by incumbent President Evo Morales.

His main opponent, former President Carlos Mesa stated that he did not recognize the victory of President in the first round.
After the announcement of the results of the voting in Bolivia, protests erupted and went on strike. In the country obyavleni a state of emergency, the opposition is accused of attempting to organize a coup.