‘Boogaloo boys’, ‘the Proud boys’ and anti-fascists: what groups are involved in protests in the United States

Protests against racism continue in the United States for three weeks following the death of George Floyd, often escalate into violent clashes, riots and looting. Politicians, police and press accuse members of several radical movements and groups as right-wing and left-wing, including “Boogaloo boys”, “Proud guys” and anti-fascists. Edition BBC revealed that these groupings.

'Бугалу бойз', 'Гордые парни' и антифа: какие группировки участвуют в протестах в США

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“Boogaloo boys”

Boogaloo Bois is a relatively new anti-government subculture, which many consider the most dangerous of all such movements.

“Boogaloo” is the name popular in the United States more than half a century ago dance. Due to the botched movie 80-ies of “breakdance 2: Electric bug” the word became a meme to indicate an unsuccessful sequel to a successful film.

A member of the “Boogaloo boys”, for example, consider a 32-year-old Sergeant of the U.S. armed forces from California Steven Carillo, who is accused of murdering two policemen during protests in late may and early June.

Before his arrest, Carillo wrote in his own blood on his car: “Boog” and “I got reckless” is a word and this phrase is often used members “Boogaloo boys”.

“Boogaloo boys” — an amorphous movement without a leader and a clear structure, which grew from a forum about guns on the website 4chan, which is used for communication, among other, extremists from different countries.

The supporters of this movement tend to call themselves libertarian people’s police, claiming to prepare for the coming second Civil war in the United States, which they call the word “Boogaloo”.

On 4chan the number of “Boogaloo boys” was small, but in recent years the movement has grown significantly due to numerous pages, groups and accounts on Facebook that read tens of thousands of users.

To avoid deleting posts and closing groups, the administration of the social network, supporters of the movement often instead of the word Boogaloo use similar terms, such as Big Igloo, Boog or Big Luau.

Some of the “Boogaloo boys” call themselves “mojahedi”, by analogy with the word “Mujahideen”, which is not quite correct, but is often called fighters from the radical Islamists.

Followers “Boogaloo boys” is distinguished by the diversity of views and considerable variation in severity, for many it is nothing more than entertainment, which amounts to the creation of satirical Internet memes. But many of them can be described as extreme libertarians, that is, opponents of state regulation, who dream of overthrowing the government through armed rebellion.

Hence the second tenet of the movement: the right of citizens to own guns is sacred to them.

“Boogaloo boys” were opposed to quarantine measures in connection with the coronavirus: they regarded them as a manifestation of the tyrannical essence of the state.

Armed members of the movement were seen at many protests against Loktionov in April and may.

On the issue of the current protests against racism “Boogaloo boys” split: some of them supported as actions against the police and, therefore, against the state, and even hopes that these protests will grow into a Boogaloo — the civil war, which they are waiting.

So in Facebook you can find many videos armed members of the movement who say they are protecting protesters from the police.

The other part is hesitant to speak together with the left.

Some of the members of the movement during the protests attacked government representatives. Three of “Boogaloo boys” in June in Nevada was formally charged with terrorism: they are, according to the authorities, tried to incite riots during the demonstrations.

Facebook in light of recent events began vigorously to remove the groups and pages related to “Boogaloo boys”.


“Antifa” (short for “anti-fascists”) — an amorphous movement of leftist radicals is well known in many countries, including in Russia. In the US about him in recent years could hardly be heard, but first the election of the President of the United States Donald trump, and then protests over the death of George Floyd again brought him to the fore.

In the ranks of the “anti-fascists” can be seen, anarchists, and Communists, and some number of people calling themselves social Democrats. What unites them is a willingness to fight — as they explain in self-defense or defense of others from right-wing radicals.

There is some evidence that during the recent protests and unrest “anti-fascists” participated in the looting and riots. The authorities of Texas, for example, argue that three of the marauders, which operated in the state capital, Austin, was from the ranks of the “anti-fascists”.

Donald trump and right-wingers generally argue that the “anti-fascists” were the main driving force behind the riots.

Evidence of this is not enough: “anti-fascists” is a relatively small movement, their numbers are not comparable with the total number of participants in protest demonstrations.

Trump wrote on Twitter that declared “anti-fascists” as a terrorist organization, but lawyers doubt that he is entitled to do in respect of American and not foreign organizations.

“Proud guys”

Proud Boys, like “Boogaloo boys”, — the far-right organization. It was founded in 2016, the canadian-British right activist Gavin McInnes.

“Proud guys” fighting illegal immigration and immigrants, and often engage in skirmishes with the same “antifa”.

They often wear black and yellow shirts-Polo and red baseball caps with the slogan trump’s Make America Great Again and call themselves “white chauvinists who refuse to apologize for what has created the modern world”.

In the last couple of years, “proud guys” staged a street battle with the “anti-fascists” in Washington DC, new York, Oregon and other places.

Two of them last year was convicted of beating up of activists of the “antifa” in new York.

“Proud guys” — violent opponents of the demonstrations of the movement Black Lives Matter.

The overthrow of the statues of the leaders of the Confederacy (southern slave States during the Civil war, 1861-1864 gg.) they believe the destruction of the history of the United States, and the members of the group went out to protect such monuments in several States.

After the left has established in one of the districts of Seattle “Autonomous zone”, where they do not allow police officers, “proud guys” was there — some with weapons.

Photos and video of their encounters with the antifa and other left of “Autonomous zones” spread around the Internet.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube drove the “Proud guys” from their platforms, but during the last protests the accounts associated with the group, appeared again. In mid-June, Facebook has blocked 358 such accounts, and Instagram — 172.