Boring and uninteresting: Andrey Danilko mad at the members of the “X-factor”

Скучно и неинтересно: Андрей Данилко разозлился на участников «Х-фактора»

On Saturday, November 23, will be the final live training camp of the popular vocal show “X-factor” (STB). For live broadcasts will fight 24 participants. Only 12 of them in a week will act on the stage show.

— Preparing for live broadcasts in full swing, — said “FACTS” music producer “X-factor” Vadim Lisitsa. I’m working on this project for the second year in a row and note how the rising level of our participants. At the stage auditions, I told them that the exit to the stage — a moment that should be used to the maximum to get your x factor and to show the judges. Before we can learn the names of the lucky ones who succeeded.

In the final training camp, the judges learn which category of participants they got. Even at the auditions, several jury members expressed the desire to work with the guys. As Olya Polyakova, pleased the fans of his new music video, long said that he wants to engage more experienced participants in the category “30+”.

— Our adults are no heroes, — said Olga. — Why does everyone go to concerts of Oleg Vinnik? Because he is one! Then we have to give these heroes the country, and to take them from the category “30+”. And if I do not give this group — will kill!

However, in the final will be aired and the contestants whose performance will cause a storm of negative emotions restrained Andrey Danilko.

Is boring! — said Andrew, one of the participants. – Now requirements increase, and it is, in my opinion, has not coped with the task in General.

Igor Kondratyuk , too resolute and sure feel sorry for the contestants, you should not.

— I understand that the participants are sitting in these chairs and wait for our decision as to the heated pan, — said the judge. — But I need fighters, those with whom I will win this season!

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