Boris Johnson accused his main opponent in the elections in support of Putin (PHOTO)

Борис Джонсон обвинил своего основного соперника на выборах в поддержке Путина (ФОТО)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday that the leader of the opposition labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn in a situation with a poisoning in Salisbury spoke in support of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Be with us and with the government which believes that Britain should stand with head held high. Or go with Jeremy Corbin and the labour party that sided with Putin when Russia organized poisoning on the streets of Salisbury,” said Johnson, speaking to his residence at Downing street. His words leads to “Interfax”.

Johnson assured that if the voters will side with his party, that Brexit will be implemented, and in case of victory of the labour party in 2020 will resemble a “horror show”.

Before that, Johnson published a column in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which drew a parallel between the labour party and Joseph Stalin. “They (the labour party. – Approx. “Interfax”) pretend that their hate is directed only to the specific billionaires. At the same time they point the finger at people with such pleasure and revenge, which was not since, as Stalin was persecuting “kulaks,” wrote the British Prime Minister.

So Johnson has criticized the labour party under the leadership of Corbin for trying to raise taxes in the UK. According to Johnson, the party Corbin hates “willingness to earn” and in the event of coming to power will destroy the “Foundation of prosperity” the UK business.

In the article Johnson, speaking about Brexit, compared the UK with “green supercar stuck in traffic”. Johnson stressed that he does not want early elections, which he insisted will be held on December 12, but the UK has no choice, because the country needs a Parliament that will not block the deal for Brexit.

In the UK on Wednesday to start the campaign before the election on 12 December. Johnson hopes that the new Parliament will allow him to finish Brexit.

We will remind, incident in Salisbury, which was mentioned in the political debate Johnson, occurred on 4 March 2018. Then 66-year-old former GRU officer Sergey Skripal, who was convicted earlier in Russia for espionage in favour of great Britain, and his 33-year-old daughter Julia has been in the British city of Salisbury, exposure to combat nerve agents.

London said that the poison family “Rookie” was developed in Russia, and on this basis accused the Russian authorities of involvement in the incident. The UK and the US on the UN security Council meeting on 14 March accused the Russian Federation in violation of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

While conservative Theresa may, who was then Prime Minister, directly blamed for what happened to Russia, Corbin took a more cautious stance, urging “not to run ahead of the facts.”

The Russian side has categorically rejected all allegations, indicating that development programs “Newbie” was neither in the USSR nor in Russia. And if such poison were produced, it is still destroyed. In 2017 Russia reported the destruction of its entire Arsenal of chemical weapons under the control of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. “The command to destroy the last chemical munition gave by teleconference with the settlement of Kizner in Udmurtia, Russian President Vladimir Putin,” – said TASS.

Poisoners Skrobala UK says Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. According to the British, these two later introduced himself in an interview with RT “ordinary tourists” struck the door handle Skripal nerve combat agent family “Rookie”, and then threw a bottle of perfume “Premier Jour” by Nina Ricci, in which it was, confusing the bin with a box for donations.

A resident of the English town of Amesbury Charlie Rowley and his girlfriend don Sturgess 21 Jun found a bottle of “Newbie” and have become victims of toxic substances. Rowley survived, but Sturgess died in hospital, as sprayed “perfume” on her wrist.

In an interview with Russia Today of Bashirov and Petrov said that the assassination attempt on Skrobala uncomplicated, while Salisbury came ostensibly to see the famous “solsberry” Cathedral. However, the room where they were staying, had traces of a “Newbie”.

Reporters also found that under the names Bashirova and Petrov are employees of the Main Directorate of the General staff (ex. GRU), Heroes of Russia Anatoly Chapiha and Alexander Mishkin.

In February 2019 was published the name of the third partner himataki in Salisbury. He was a GRU officer Denis Sergeev.