Boris Johnson has not seen evidence of RF interference in British politics (PHOTO)

Борис Джонсон не увидел свидетельств вмешательства РФ в британскую политику (ФОТО)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed confidence in the absence of evidence that Russia has indeed intervened in British politics. “Evidence that does not,” said Johnson on BBC News.

In response to the question about why the UK authorities still have not published a report on Russia and its possible interference in British policy, Johnson said he sees no reason to speed up the process. “I see no reason to change the usual procedures for reports of the Committee on intelligence and security, only because the elections are held”, – said the Prime Minister.

The UK authorities had to publish a report on the theme of “Russian meddling” in British politics, in particular, in a referendum on Brexit, 4 Nov. The report States that the results of the referendum in 2016 on the country’s withdrawal from the EU have been distorted because of the activities of the Kremlin. The publication was postponed until the moment in the UK elections, scheduled for December 12.

A report of 50 pages was the result of an 18-month investigation of the Committee on intelligence and security of the British Parliament. In early November it was reported that a report on alleged Russian intervention in British politics was not published, as Prime Minister Johnson is too busy with Affairs concerning the British exit from the EU.

Meanwhile, the British politician and former head of the parliamentary group on Russia, Chris Bryant, published in The Guardian article, which says that the current government intends to block a report on the intervention of Russia. Excerpts from a translation of the article leads InoPressa.

According to Bryant, in 2009 his colleague mark Francois “absolutely made it clear” that a future conservative government intends to “normalize” relations with Russia. Therefore, the Conservative party has ignored, including the evidence pointing at Russia in the “Litvinenko case”.
“As quite openly stated by the then Minister of internal Affairs Theresa may, the reason she has blocked the investigation of his murder, was the fact that it would hurt diplomatic relations. In a Russian prison in 2006 and died Sergei Magnitsky, who worked for British firm, revealing extensive corruption of Kremlin officials. But whenever I asked Cameron and may, if they forbid entry to the United Kingdom to anyone associated with his murder, they would loose the fog and had evaded the answer,” writes Bryant.

According to him, one of the outcomes of this was the huge influx of money of the Russian oligarchs in the UK, many of them “invested” in the Conservative party. “Sometimes the funds invest the oligarchs themselves, for example, Alexander Temerko, who earned on the sale of weapons. Sometimes, wives of oligarchs, who received British citizenship, as in the case of Love Chernukhin, whose husband was a Deputy Finance Minister Putin,” – said Bryant. According to him, since 2009 the Russians have invested in the Conservative party at least 3.5 million pounds, of which not less than 500 thousand pounds last year alone.

“No wonder the government is determined to block the publication of a report by the intelligence Committee. You should carefully listen to that one by one they say these conservative Ministers. They never denied Russia’s attempts to interfere in our democracy. They have repeatedly said, is the fact that still was not “successful” attempts”, – emphasized in the publication.

The author also stated that during his visit to Nizhny Novgorod, he suffered food poisoning, and during the whole night to him “every hour” called in the room. According to him, is “a standard measure of irritation that the FSB applied to “difficult” guests”. In addition, after the sharp statements about Putin in Parliament, the conservatives “began to work directly with the Russian Embassy” to move Bryant. Now, according to him, the publication of a report by the intelligence Committee is the only way to counter the influence of Russia.