Boris Johnson has sent the EU two letters: the unsigned request for postponement Brexit and personal request not to meet her (PHOTO)

Борис Джонсон послал в ЕС два письма: неподписанную просьбу об отсрочке Brexit и личную просьбу не удовлетворять ее (ФОТО)

European Council President announced the receipt of a letter from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in which he appealed to the EU to consider the possibility of a delay Brexit, reports TASS. “Request postponement just came in. I will now start consultations with EU leaders on how to react,” wrote Tusk on his Twitter page.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is asking of Brussels delay in the date of a British exit from the European Union until 31 January 2020, stated in a letter to the Prime Minister the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“I write in order to inform the European Council that Britain wants the additional extension period provided by article 50 (3) of the Treaty on European Union… the United Kingdom proposes that this period ended at 23.00 Central European time on 31 January 2020,” – said in a letter to the British side.

At the same time Johnson sent in the EU in a second letter, which asked not to grant the request for postponement. The Prime Minister, said the TV channel Sky News, sent this letter together with the official request for postponement Brexit, which did not sign. Request for change – a necessary measure, as it was voted by the British Parliament. However, Johnson on Saturday has said that is still aimed at the exit from the EU on 31 October 2019.

The opposition labour party does not exclude that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson may be prosecuted for contempt of the decisions of the Parliament or the court, because he “obviously trying to act against the law”. This opinion was expressed on Sunday, the Minister of Finance of the shadow Cabinet of the labour party John McDonnell.

Members of the house of Commons on Saturday demanded Johnson to request from Brussels a reprieve Brexit. Providing the measure as an amendment known as “amendment Levina” on behalf of the proposed member of the house of Commons Oliver Letwin, approved 322 MP, voted against 306 people.

Hearings in the House of Commons, where MPs had to reach a verdict on Johnson agreed with the EU renewed the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, was marked by harsh opposition parliamentarians and the Prime Minister. Johnson said he would not discuss with the EU a reprieve.

Earlier, the British Parliament passed a law according to which, if to 19 October will not be able to negotiate agreements with the EU Brexit, Johnson will have to ask Brussels has a three-month reprieve. However, the Prime Minister has previously warned that he would rather “die in the gutter” than it will ask the EU about that.

After the vote, the British Prime Minister said that it is not broken by the result of the vote, and the position of the UK government remains unchanged: the United Kingdom should leave the European Union until 31 October. Johnson also stated that the law allegedly does not obligate him to request from Brussels a reprieve, but it is unclear how the Prime Minister intends to get around this requirement, reports TASS.

The leader of the Scottish national party in the House of Commons Ian Blackford has already warned the Prime Minister that threatens to court if he does not ask the EU to postpone. After the vote, the deputies-conservatives left Parliament. The British who went on the March with a demand to hold a referendum on the agreement leaving the EU, perceived failure of Johnson in Parliament with glee and began to disperse.

Any certainty for the British and world economy would be better than continuing endless negotiations, but any deal is better than Brexit without an agreement, warned the observers. For Britain out of the EU even with the deal could mean a loss of 6.7% of GDP over the next 15 years, or 130 billion pounds (170 billion dollars). The indicative exchange rate of the pound on Saturday fell, the markets expect a sharp decline on Monday.