Bottas vinovati his team porsc Hamlton have qualit Grand PR Pardini

Боттас звинуватив свою команду в поразці Гамільтону у кваліфікації Гран-прі Угорщини

Valtter Bottas

Racer Stein Mercedes Walter Bottes Zaliv on the team provino for progress have qualit partnerov for COMAND Lucu Hamlton.

It turns out, pid hour qualit tanks Yogo bold filled sabahat PAL.

“Z ACOs causes meni filled sabahat palivo. After zakonchena SES Yogo viyavilos duzhe bagato in the tanks. TSE, of course, was uplynulo on pasumai result. Savelich number palivo doda automoble Wagyu scho vdras seen for an hour propoganda Cola”, is to direct the words of Bottas Mtvuutiset.

Have PDSMU Bottes postupitsya Hamlton on 0,107 seconds.

Note, that the start of the race Walter failing, vacatures s another some the meeting place. Ale the next probivka to the top of the peloton, the prot of obite Red bull max Verstappen in borotbi for another meeting place not sumv.